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disqualify oneself (as a judge) in a particular case

challenge or except to a judge as being incompetent or interested, in canon and civil law

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The chairman agreed to recuse himself from the meeting, notwithstanding the fact that he had also provided the board with a statement affirming that he has no material interest in CBM Capital.
Sessions announced on March 2 that he would recuse himself from that probe.
com/news/articles/2017-02-23/gary-cohn-to-recuse-himself-from-goldman-sachs-matters-ft-says) stated in February that Cohn pledged to recuse himself from all matters "directly involving" Goldman Sachs.
Under a Senate-backed proposal, county clerks with religious objections to same-sex marriages can recuse themselves from signing marriage licenses.
Ils ont aussi recuse les proces-verbaux de l'enquete administrative, y relevant des contradictions dans les termes utilises dans les rapports des investigations menees.
Continue reading "Should Jewish Judges Recuse Themselves From Cases Involving Palestinian Terrorism?
The defence team for two other leading Muslim Brotherhood members -- Mohamed Al-Beltagy and Safwat Hegazy -- have asked that judges recuse themselves in two cases in which Morsi is a co-defendant.
He said: "Without a register of interests, how would anyone dealing with a court understand or realise when a judge would have to recuse themselves?
There have been various suggestions for how to improve or reform recusal rules, all of which note that there is a lack of standardized and predictable rules for when judges are required to recuse themselves.
Summary: The head of the Criminal Appeals Court, Judge Joseph Samaha, is likely to recuse himself from the case of former Minister Michel Samaha because the two men are related, the National News Agency reported Friday.
Justice Goodson told the Democrat-Gazette that she would recuse from any cases involving Taylor and his firm that make their way to the Supreme Court.
In his posted comments, Roberts says he found it "odd and confusing that Chairman Gensler can partially recuse himself, or 'non-participate,' in matters regarding enforcement on MF Global, but he can direct commission staff to make recommendations on the matter.
However, Bulgarian legal procedure does not allow a judge to recuse himself from a case after a decision has been reached - in fact, no individual judge can recuse himself from the case, only the entire panel of judges can stand down.
While some are holding out hope she will recuse herself, she's kept the door open to hear McDonald.