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(mathematics) an expression such that each term is generated by repeating a particular mathematical operation

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Splunk has allowed Recursion to combine biological science with machine learning to generate and analyze data from countless images of cell cultures and trillions of DNA strands.
Chris Gibson, co-founder and CEO of Recursion, said, 'We are identifying potential new therapies in less time and for less money than ever before by eschewing human bias, embracing empiricism, and treating cellular biology as a system too complex and interconnected to be broken down into simple pieces.
Recursion will evaluate the potential of thousands of known and experimental drugs to rescue these "aged" cells, restoring them to the appearance of health.
The second Law is Recursion (or Correspondence), which can be simply stated, "as here, so elsewhere", "as above, so below" (4).
After achieving basic level, cohort 1 students were asked to play the first level of Recursion and Conditional.
From the recursion relations in (20), we can obtain the hereditary recursion operator O which satisfies that
Keywords: square roots, higher order roots, geometry sketchpad, sequences, convergence, iterations, recursion.
3) Then this idea of recursion came up, where you get replicated images.
Recursion Pharmaceuticals, which is a spin out of the Utah-based establishment is the brainchild of Christopher Gibson, the CEO of Recursion, who worked under the guidance of Dean Li, vice dean at the University of Utah and CSO at the University of Utah Healthcare.
El sentido original de recursion esta claramente establecido dentro de la teoria de la computabilidad y de la logica matematica (Soare, 1996), si bien dentro de estos dominios parece haberse empleado en dos sentidos diferentes.
Kuskin's cogent seventeen-page introduction offers a clearly elaborated account of the concept of recursion as a form of literary history.
LISP allows recursion & self-referential definitions, like N
There is also a chapter each on Java Applets, layout management, exception handling, nested classes and event handling, and even recursion.
However, the ascending recursion formula (4) is also unstable.
Para combinar los dos procesos (de frecuencia y severidad) y obtener la distribucion de perdidas agregadas, lo mas simple es utilizar una simulacion Monte Carlo, pero existen otros metodos como la transformada rapida de Fourier (FFT, por sus siglas en ingles) o recursion de Panjer, que seran objeto de estudio en la primera parte de este articulo.