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Episodic or recurrent events are a class of data that is frequently described in sports medicine literature.
Furthermore, the necessity of controlling for recurrent events limited the scope of factors that could be evaluated in multivariate analyses.
The likelihood of a first coronary event in high-risk asymptomatic patients is roughly comparable to that of a recurrent event in patients with established coronary disease, said Dr.
This analysis concluded that, for all patients except those with the lowest risk of a recurrent event, surgery or anticoagulation appear to be reasonable therapeutic options.
Close to 15% of people who have a transient ischemic attack will experience a stroke within the next 3 months, with a 6% risk of a recurrent event in the first 2 days, according to findings from a large population-based study that included both whites and blacks.
The rationale for this new push is a recognition that the risk of a first coronary event in high-risk asymptomatic patients is roughly comparable to that of a recurrent event in patients with established coronary disease.
Current medical guidelines for the treatment of patients with a heart attack or stroke recommend daily treatment with aspirin indefinitely, due to its known benefits in preventing recurrent events.
Smoking cessation is the single most effective behavior change that patients can make after a hospitalization for coronary heart disease to prevent recurrent events," the authors wrote.
Under the global ODYSSEY programme, the patients with recent ACS were selected as the study population because they face a higher risk of recurrent events than patients with stable cardiovascular disease.
The hospital also hosts several recurrent events, including SCAN, a Child Abuse & Neglect Training for Pennsylvania-licensed Mandated Reporters, and "A Day with the Newborn," a symposium designed to provide practitioners who care for newborns with the most up-to-date knowledge of issues that are commonly encountered in critically ill neonates.
NNA - Kataeb Party upped calls on Monday to dissociate Lebanon from the ongoing conflicts sweeping the region and to keep it away from the existing axes, warning of the dangers of the recurrent events that have recently jolted national security.
A vast amount of new research is revealing new and improved ways to protect patients with an ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack from having recurrent events and further brain damage," Walter Kernan, M.
1) Recognizing and treating these recurrent events present a series of particular challenges for patients and doctors.
Our studies have demonstrated that PradaxaA offers an effective treatment with significant safety benefits compared to warfarin both for acute treatment as well as in the long-term prevention of recurrent events.
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