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  • verb

Synonyms for recur

happen again

Synonyms for recur

to happen again or repeatedly

to come back to a former condition

Synonyms for recur

return in thought or speech to something

have recourse to

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Under GAAP, net income can, and often does, include elements unlikely to impact future operations -- for example, a significant gain or loss on the sale of a business, the impact of a change in accounting principle or other events clearly not expected to recur in the normal course of business.
As commitments, service facilities represent obligations that will recur on a remodel/replace cycle.
Women with lymph nodes that show signs of cancer are thought to be at higher risk of having their cancer recur and are often treated more aggressively.
For eight years, psychiatrists have studied small groups of people suffering from depressions that recur in either winter or summer.
The construction costs of our IBX centers do not recur and future capital expenditures remain minor relative to our initial investment.