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promoting recuperation


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Blues enjoyed a recuperative break in Marbella in the international break
Veterinary obstetrics includes pre-partum and post-partum conditions, maternal and fetal dystocia, torsion and prolapse of maternal organs, metabolic and involution disorders and other sequel of the exposed birth canal during the recuperative period.
The recuperative holiday has been shown to boost the children's immune system considerably upon their return home, as they continue to be affected by the contaminated atmosphere in which they live.
Due to the higher fuel consumption of the hard-brick kiln, the potential benefits of adding the recuperative air burner system were obviously greater.
It also said that 50 mineral hot water sources are being currently used in four recuperative stations and 46 recuperative mineral baths in addition to 45 thalassotherapy centers.
His condition has now stabilized, but he is will be returned to Bulgaria for recuperative physiotherapy at the Military Academy Hospital.
Seventy-one of the division's 449 officers were placed on what are known as recuperative or restricted duties - handling paperwork and interviewing witnesses.
This paper contains the following sections: (1) Initial Steps; (2) Developing Baseline District Facts; (3) Identifying Effective Options; (4) Identifying Effective Options: Preventative; and (5) Identifying Effective Options: Recuperative.
This recuperative enhancement designated herein liquid subcooling/air reheating (LSCARH) uses only a single coil to accomplish what other recuperative arrangements do with two added heat transfer devices (one precooling and one reheating).
2007) quite recently have published a paper on a recuperative porous media reactor thus all qualitative and quantitative results of the current independent study may be directly compared to this paper.
The charity organises regular recuperative visits to the UK for sick children in Belarus.
Chief Inspector Steve Sansbury, of Lancashire Police, said: "She has been keen to get back to work as soon as possible, and has returned at this time on recuperative duties.
Having in mind this problem and increasing requirements for the utilization of driving fuels in cableway skidding in forest management, Technical University in Zvolen is conducting fundamental research into energy-saving recuperative cableways using a hybrid propulsion system.
After a recuperative trip to the States, it was no surprise to read the ongoing snipes regarding our pitch etc.
To the Editor: The spirited exchange of views in the May Letters column regarding the technology employed in designing the Wilson Turbopower recuperative heat exchangers demonstrates once again the unique value of this column as an engineering forum.