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Synonyms for recuperation

a return to normal health

Synonyms for recuperation

gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury

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L'operation de recuperation des domaines de l'Etat s'inscrit dans le cadre de la determination a faire face a tous les depassements enregistres sur le domaine public
1 -- 2) Vietnam vet Wayne Wood attends the event, which takes its name from the term for a period of rest and recuperation.
This exhibition (co-organized with the UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, where it opened) marked a significant departure from the tendency to value Shaker material culture exclusively for its formal qualities, the legacy of the modernist recuperation of American folk art.
L'operation de recuperation a egalement concerne deux lots de terrains dont le premier couvre 12 hectares et le deuxieme 49 hectares.
A present, Gourcuff s'attelle a la preparation du prochain rendez-vous face au Mali ou il insiste beaucoup sur la recuperation.
Stand down is a military term for rest and recuperation for troops who have become fatigued on the battle line.
His success in bringing off this revisionist recuperation of Minimalism has been dependent on his mediation of the chancy interaction between the rigidity of the box (now far more active than the mere "support" of the stretched canvas) and the fluidity of its contents.
Les protestataires ont revendique la recuperation de ces terres exploitees illegalement depuis 2011.
L'installation de ces points a Kouba, Garidi et El Hamiz, entre autres, s'inscrit dans le cadre de la strategie nationale de recuperation et de valorisation des dechets, lancee par le ministere de l'Environnement en 2012, en collaboration avec les communes et Tonic Industrie, a indique a l'APS
95) by Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy takes new mothers through the different stages they will experience in recuperation.
This odd gesture of recuperation recurs throughout Boskovich's show, as the sickest of ironies bares its caved-i chest to reveal a flaming Sacred Heart.
Un groupe d'agriculteurs et de commercants de betail ont organise vendredi un sit-in devant le siege du gouvernorat de Sidi Bouzid pour demander la recuperation des moutons confisques par les forces securitaires.