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Synonyms for recuperate



Synonyms for recuperate

Synonyms for recuperate

regain or make up for

regain a former condition after a financial loss

restore to good health or strength

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Coupling shorter hospital stays with home visits by nurses allows mothers to recuperate in the familiar surroundings of home (to say nothing of the improvement at mealtimes).
Would livers be safest with a tablet that dissolves slowly enough to prevent flushing, but quickly enough to give the liver a chance to recuperate before the next dose?
In a blog post earlier this month she said that she was 'heartbroken and worried' about her condition and had 'absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully' or risk damaging her voice forever.
It will also give Commonwealth soldiers such as the Gurkhas, who are unable to travel home to recuperate, somewhere to stay until they are well enough to leave.
Auckland, Jan 23(ANI): Injured New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder is taking longer to recuperate than first thought, easing him out of contention for the forthcoming tours by Bangladesh and Australia.
Named from the military term for giving combat-weary front-line troops a secure place to rest and recuperate, the event will run from 8 a.
The talented 23-year-old is set to have an operation to deal with an ongoing groin problem that will give him time to recuperate fully ahead of pre-season training with new club Manchester United.
Chiaki attempts to control her fears with obsessive rituals, but when she falls ill, her now working mother must let her recuperate in the care of the frightening landlady, Mrs.
and because many patients recuperate in the comfort of their homes, hospitalization costs for this portion of their recovery are eliminated," explained Cardiologist Marvin Slepian, M.
Washington, August 22 (ANI): Researchers at the National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS) in Japan have found in a study on mice that, upon cerebral stroke in one side of the brain, another side rewires its neural circuits to recuperate from damaged neural function.
Later they are separated, with Ma put into a convent's hospice to recuperate from what seems to be tuberculoses, and June is in an orphanage on the edge of a red-light district.
It will be good to recuperate and get my body back together, my ankle and my shoulder,'' Bozeman said after playing all 40 minutes of Saturday's 52-50 loss to No.
Strikeouts for Troops helps to provide some "comforts of home" and assists with travel and housing expenses to help those injured recuperate with loved ones near.
London, Apr 30 (ANI): Record label bosses have given exhausted Lady Gaga a month off to recuperate, it has emerged.
I was hoping to recuperate up here and get better and be able to follow through with this,'' said Richiusa, who was in Boise, Idaho, on Monday.