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Synonyms for recuperate



Synonyms for recuperate

Synonyms for recuperate

regain or make up for

regain a former condition after a financial loss

restore to good health or strength

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I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully, or I risk damaging my voice forever," she said at the time her US dates were pulled.
Coupling shorter hospital stays with home visits by nurses allows mothers to recuperate in the familiar surroundings of home (to say nothing of the improvement at mealtimes).
We speculate that regular niacin is only in the blood for a short time, so it allows liver enzymes to recuperate, while timed-release niacin does not," says Alabama's Henkin.
In addition, EEC reforms for universal banking should bring more well-capitalized banking institutions into the securities business as they try to recuperate from the client loss they suffered from the trend toward securitization among prime corporations.
MANILA -- Cavite Vice Governor Jolo Revilla will take a 30-day leave to recuperate from the injuries he sustained from "accidentally" shooting himself.
She was going to perform a number of shows in UK starting November 7 but had to cancel all of them along with her commitments for the rest of the year in order to have time to recuperate.
Squaddies are currently sent home to recuperate after spending time in hospital and a rehab unit.
Joe Laing, a spokesman for London Zoo, said staff had named the 2ft tall creature Lara and were helping her recuperate before deciding where her next home would be.
Still, atmospheric chemists are confident that pollution controls will allow the ozone layer to recuperate after the year 2000.
Auckland, Jan 23(ANI): Injured New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder is taking longer to recuperate than first thought, easing him out of contention for the forthcoming tours by Bangladesh and Australia.
The talented 23-year-old is set to have an operation to deal with an ongoing groin problem that will give him time to recuperate fully ahead of pre-season training with new club Manchester United.