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any of various straight muscles

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Large bilateral lateral rectus recession is done when the acuity is good in each eye.
Diastasis rectus separation occurs due to the softening of connective tissues related to the hormonal release of progesterone and relax in prolonged stress of a progressive weight gain and subsequent weakness of the abdominal muscles associated with pregnancy.
A diagnosis of basic exotropia was made, and the patient underwent lateral rectus recession of 7.
The two most common sources of graft material are the abdominus rectus fascia and fascia lata harvested from the lateral thigh.
Pocket for pacemaker was created deep to rectus abdominis sheath and PPM was placed.
Based on the findings, the patient was diagnosed with sixth nerve palsy and 18 months after the trauma he underwent 6 mm recession of the right medial rectus muscle.
Because the rectus femoris (one of the quadricep muscles) flexes the hip and extends the knee, in order to stretch it effectively, you must oppose its actions at both of the joints--that is, flex the knee while extending the hip.
Recommendations deal with various topics including, but not limited to: care of the perineum, hormonal changes, relaxation techniques, internal vaginal stretching techniques, exercises for pelvic floor release, episiotomy or perineal tears, exercises for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, assessment of diastasis rectus abdominis and massage techniques for scar tissue.
1) The source of haemorrhage in the rectus sheath is from branches of the inferior epigastric artery, or from a tear in the muscle.
An orbital MRI revealed the enlargement of the left medial rectus muscle that was associated with gadolinium enhancement (Figure 3b).
Traditional flaps incorporating the rectus muscle of the abdomencalled the free transverse abdominis myocutaneous flap (f?
However, there are some sources that describe AP as an injury to the many musculotendinous structures that cross the anterior pelvis, such as the rectus abdominis insertion onto the pubic symphysis, the adductors and conjoined tendon insertion.
Ultrasound-guided rectus sheath block for an umbilical hernia repair in a patient with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome: A case report **
Only the following major muscles in the belly were included in the study, the deep pectoral, latissimus dorsi, cutaneous trunci, rectus abdominis, and the external and internal abdominal oblique.
Rectus abdominis muscles (abs) These are commonly known as the abs and are the strongest muscles in your core.