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the office or station of a rector

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McDonald was one of the College trustees that offered him the rectorship.
It was a rich parish, and Archdeacons of Durham held the Rectorship from 1256 until 1832, with many moving into high positions in the Church.
The stenogram left Rickert wounded in his pride and perhaps somewhat anxious about having to catch up with the new philosophical agenda being set by Heidegger; the relationship survived thanks to the tact of both parties, and exchanges continued until Heidegger's election to the rectorship of Freiburg University, on which he was congratulated by Rickert in his last letter of 29 May 1933 (Rickert died in 1936).
Does she think that the conflict at Nanterre during Paul Ricoeur's rectorship was more significant?
Newman's treatment of the rectorship as a part-time job was a further difficulty, and the resulting tension led to his resignation.
De Veno also signed the general register of Basel University (during the rectorship of Caspar Bauhin, 1598-99) as "Henricus de Veno, Frisius.
His goal was to work his way northward across the Channel to reunite with Martyr, who was now teaching at Oxford, but before being able to do so, he received a request from Jakob Sturm, the chief magistrate of Strasbourg, to become professor of Old Testament at the College of Saint Thomas under the rectorship of Johann Sturm.
A different perspective emerges when one analyses the male attitude toward female art prevalent in Black Mountain, at least during Olson's rectorship from 1951 to 1956, precisely the period of Morley's stay.
FEMINIST writer Germaine Greer has confirmed she will run for the rectorship of St Andrews University.
Dr Bruce returned to Birmingham in 1912, to take over the rectorship of St Augustine's church, a post he held for 11 years.
Much of Edwards's later work is designed to defend the excesses his preaching was thought to stimulate; while during his rectorship, Heidegger understood his own early work to coincide with a national moment already, in the early thirties, verging on catastrophe.
The couple, who live in Wales, had never taken their lay rectorship seriously.
Taylor delivered only a few of them in rural Ashbourne; most were preached to the educated and politically powerful audience in Westminster where he held several preferments, including the rectorship of St.
De Beistegui suggests that the early Heidegger remains free from the trappings of his later themes of willfulness and struggle, but upon his appointment to the rectorship at the University of Freiburg, such incendiary rhetoric surfaces in an opprobrious manner.
Lowe's account of the plotting involved in the election recalls, as Sparrow himself recognized, the maneuvering over the Rectorship of Lincoln College by Mark Pattison in the 1850s and 1860s.