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the office or station of a rector

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Having started in October 2010, Kim presented the Macsabal kiln project to the University Rectorate and they promised support.
It is not by chance that in 1993 the VTU (VGTU) Rectorate entrusted him with establishment of a totally new VTU subunit - the Aviation Institute.
Istanbul University's Contribution to Archaeology in Turkey (1932-200) (Istanbul University Rectorate Publication 4285): 41-43.
11) Martin Heidegger, "The Rectorate 1933/34: Facts and Thoughts," Martin Heidegger and National Socialism.
30am: Meeting with the Rectorate team to discuss 'clearing' issues - this is much easier compared to a few years ago as we have dramatically reduced the number of students whom we recruit through clearing.
For information on Taylor's rectorate at Grace Church, see Stewart 148-69.
Apparently it is the monk rather than the reformer who is depicted on Crotus Rubeanus's well-known Rectorate Page.
In this case, the student will have to choose in the Rectorate the Academic Unit in which he/she will cast his/her vote for the Undergraduate Academic Council representants (only at one School).
Apart from this, on the 1st of February 1950 I signed a socialist contract with the Rectorate of the Academy of Performing Arts in which I undertook that in addition to my existing teaching duties I would act as permanent advisor to composition students for the writing of mass songs, choral works, cantatas, operas and other socialistically orientated music.
A card-carrying member of the Nazi party and holder of the highly political rectorate at Freiberg University for 9 months in 1933-34, Heidegger remained famously and conspicuously silent in the post-war years when it came to philosophically assessing the guiding essence of his involvement in the movement.
Son of a mayor of Dresden, Glaser (1525-83) had assumed the rectorate of the school in Radeberg after attending secondary school in Schulpforta.
Transforming and reinterpreting an ancient archetype, Siza's use of patios is by now a familiar device (for instance, the rectorate at Alicante University, AR March 2000).
It has been imposing, as when he turned the 1995 Venice Biennale into a rectorate address on the history of the imaging of the body in the twentieth century.
He is currently working on a variety of design and construction projects throughout the world including: The World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York; the Margaret McDermott Bridge in Dallas; Citta dello Sport, Rectorate and Campus Master Plan for Roma II University in Tor Vergata, Italy and Yuan Ze University in Taiwan.