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the office or station of a rector

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Sunday 31 August 2014 UPJS Rectorate and Campus, Srobdrova 2
The Mascabal Wood Firing Symposium was realised by The Rectorate of the Hacettepe University, Deanship of Faculty of Fine Arts, Headship of Ceramics Department and the support of the Turkish Ceramics Society between 2-10 October 2011 by our symposium chairman dean, Professor Dr Ugurcan Akyuz and Feyzoglu with my coordination.
Finally, the corresponding acts are signed and the results are delivered to the computing center of the Rectorate of the UNLP.
A card-carrying member of the Nazi party and holder of the highly political rectorate at Freiberg University for 9 months in 1933-34, Heidegger remained famously and conspicuously silent in the post-war years when it came to philosophically assessing the guiding essence of his involvement in the movement.
Son of a mayor of Dresden, Glaser (1525-83) had assumed the rectorate of the school in Radeberg after attending secondary school in Schulpforta.
An example is the Rectorate Tower, the so-called "water bottle", on the campus of Universitas Indonesia, Depok.
Transforming and reinterpreting an ancient archetype, Siza's use of patios is by now a familiar device (for instance, the rectorate at Alicante University, AR March 2000).
It has been imposing, as when he turned the 1995 Venice Biennale into a rectorate address on the history of the imaging of the body in the twentieth century.
In the wake of the failure of his rectorate, in the years after 1934, according to Safranski, Heidegger still clung to his "philosophical fantasy," but increasingly "detached it from its entanglement with National Socialist politics" (p.
Although unlikely to have held a rectorate, other than as a benefice, bishops might emerge from the ranks of the regular clergy or from the religious orders old or new; sometimes they moved from a secular career often for family reasons or on the death of a wife.
He took holy orders and was assigned the rectorate at Wem, Shropshire, but remained at Christ Church as a tutor, becoming a canon in 1681 - by which time he seems to have had considerable authority over all musical activities - and then eventually, as we have seen, dean in 1689 (a unique position in Oxford as head of both college and cathedral).
The colleague who greeted Heidegger after his resignation of the rectorate with the sarcastic remark, "Back from Syracuse, Herr Heidegger
Thanks are extended to the University of Manchester and the Department of Nursing, especially Tony Butterworth; also to Alan Roff of the Rectorate, and Peter Young of the Psychology Department, at the University of Central Lancashire.
After a former elementary and secondary school, Only two smaller rooms were rebuilt as a rectorate and secretariat when the two schools were separated.