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Toward the end of the event, Recto hugged Sereno and told her, 'You're facing many trials.
Marcos did with the CIIF,' Recto said, referring to the Marcos-era Coconut Industry Investment Fund.
Recto said the search for domestic sources of fossil fuel becomes more urgent with the projected end of Malampaya's production by 2024.
We are under obligation to reciprocate this sacrifice with prompt care," Recto said in a statement.
Recto said such travel by Duterte could go a long way in helping improve conditions of airline passengers who use the airports.
Muchas personas con cancer del recto no presentan ningun signo ni sintoma durante las primeras etapas de la enfermedad.
In 1982, he and a partner founded a precision custom injection molding firm, Performance Plastics, right next door to Recto Molded Products.
Todos los adenomas diagnosticados (11 casos clinicos) estaban situados en recto (Fotografia 1), mientras que los carcinomas se situaron en recto (7 casos clinicos) y en colon descendente (6 casos clinicos) (Fotografia 2) (Figura 2).
One example is Giudiziario Registro I, 83 recto, 192 verso.
According to Recto, one prosecutor currently handles about 403 criminal cases, and the Justice department is having a hard time filling 1,657 prosecutor vacancies.
Better still, Recto added: 'Honor the receipt as the permit itself and do away with burloloys.
The submission of these would clarify ambiguities in the provisions of the BBL bill and "hasten its passage in the Senate,'' Recto said.
Summary: Legislator Recto calls for rapid modernisation of country's marine fleet
The two men let off in 1303 were named Casella and Furafarina (perhaps "Flour-stealer"); see Riformagioni 73, 29 verso-30 recto.
The call was made by Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto who said that the deficit in ships is not only in the Navy, but also in civilian activities such as coast guard patrol, calamity response and tapping Manila's main waterway as an alternative to its car-choked streets.