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Synonyms for rectilinear

characterized by a straight line or lines

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Our research team designed a new rectilinear stepping ergometer (RSE) that was based on a spinning bike and used up and down reciprocating vertical motion of the lower extremities in place of conventional circular motion.
While studying and videotaping the movements of 20 different species at Zoo Atlanta, Marvi developed Scalybot 2, a robot that replicates rectilinear locomotion of snakes.
In the present research, we are going to identify the conceptions of future teachers of the primary school with respect to the rectilinear propagation of light as well as the survey of the formation of a shadow and the variation of its size.
A rectilinear structure, it sits on the roof of the Vivian Beaumont, surrounded by grass and often seems to struggle to be as undisruptive as possible, by fading into the fabric of this building.
This is true regardless of the configuration of the body, be it plate, ball, thin sheet, rectilinear, etc.
The facade of the garage is comprised of thousands of metallic fins, some moving in response to environmental conditions and animating the rectilinear exterior.
The Underscore baths feature clean, rectilinear lines and a contemporary look that complements many styles of decor and the deep bathing wells allow the user to sit almost totally immersed in water, providing the ultimate in bathing relaxation.
The building's rectilinear and round forms are accentuated with a stainless steel deck supporting flagpoles.
Its crisp outlines and varied textures; immaculate gravelled square with diagonal culvert, surrounding paving slabs, glass frontages of restaurants and rectilinear features of a bank are balanced by seats and parasols on one side and a necklace of slender trees.
While allowing for the necessary lateral displacement of each drive segment with respect to its driven diaphragm, these roll pins provide an essentially rigid connection in the radial direction (also the direction of rectilinear motion), ensuring consistent positional control of segment components over a broad range of operating speed.
The rectilinear bollard features louvered optics for soft, diffused illumination with minimal uplight.
Warren's attentions have recently turned toward the monumental, and these latest totems of bronze, all bulge and swagger, promise to hold their own against the rectilinear behemoths of the country's tallest skyline.
Al-Asiri said that the Earth, Sun and Moon will form a rectilinear, with Earth in the middle, the phenomenon is known as alignment.
The same is true for the pairs of rectilinear pixels.