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Once the fault is rectified the IT and technical team will be in a better position to say something about it,' said an official at the licensing branch.
09 ( ANI ): A senior doctor on Thursday clarified that the medical reports of Bhopal gang-rape victim stating that she indulged in consensual sex with culprits was incorrect and has been rectified.
AT) has claimed that the bank has rectified internal control deficiencies that were revealed during an internal audit.
com)-- Rectified Networks is a new company but it has over 13 years of experience with providing hosting services.
by ONA The company rectified the fault in the plant which had caused disruption of water supply from the plant.
Those who meet all the requirements will get immediate approval to renew their licence, while those who don't will be given a list of the violations that must be rectified within 90 days," said Moza.
In a letter to the government, SNGPL has stated that there is already a 240 Million Cubic Feet per Day (MMCFD) shortage because the fault in SSGC line has not been rectified yet and the fall in temperature all over the country has increased the difference in demand and supply to a critical level.
Surprisingly a discrepancy of BD8 was observed and then rectified, again after a few days, a 335 fils mistake was observed and again rectified.
Accordingly, any expatriate worker, who has not rectified his status during the amnesty period, is deemed by the government to be illegally staying in the country.
During the appeal procedure, the ECHA's executive director partially rectified the contested decision by extending the deadline for the appellant to submit the information from two to three months.
I have made a number of phone calls to my manager and Health Share, who tell me the matter will be rectified in the next pay period.
A: Damp can take a very long time to dry out once the cause has been rectified, so it may just be a case of waiting.
Failure to form the government is a sin that cannot be rectified with the mistake of replacing it with the Parliament Council NNA - 25/5/2011 - Lebanese Forces Executive Council Head, Samir Geagea, stressed today that Lebanon is living a huge transgression by failing to form the government, adding that such a sin cannot be rectified by another, namely by replacing it with the Parliament Council, especially that the Constitution does not allow for such a move.
The new generation should now "rectify and change without hesitation everything that should be rectified and changed," Fidel wrote on the website of cubadebate.
LyondellBasell Industries, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of polyolefin, has rectified a pressure problem at a tank in its oil refinery in Houston, Texas.