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capable of being repaired or rectified


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Les formules inscrites, certes rectifiables, maintiennent constantes les definitions attachees aux codes ou aux categories, lesquelles sont donc ouvertes a d'autres que l'analyste qui les a produites.
The lack of additional skills on the board required for growth may become a limiting factor, may reduce efficiency, and may only be rectifiable if nonfamily employees with the required skills are appointed to the board.
n A name document act 1 rectifiable 1 for chemicals and laboratory equipment needed: certified copy of the health registration issued by the central reference laboratory in public health.
And these procedures are not easily rectifiable because they stem
Small and potentially easily rectifiable problems are made worse by years of neglect.
Anemia in pregnancy: an easily rectifiable problem [guest editorial].
The story of a trivial prank or ostensibly easily rectifiable offense careens and mutates into an expansive, aleatory epic.
Sng deems the former "errance," and he dedicates himself to uncovering in his exegeses the nonsystematic and nonsystematizable movements of errance even as he elucidates carefully the particular strategies whereby various thinkers and writers figure error as rectifiable and potentially productive deviance.
Apparently the people of the world don't all speak the same language, which seems like a fairly obvious and dare I say it childish error, but one not easily rectifiable.
If these chapters appear to champion a binaristic reading of films, that is the unfortunate, but also rectifiable byproduct of my needing to isolate radically different ways in which two "genres" manifest such things as sacred space and sacred time.
This can be problematic, as a small easily rectifiable fault can grow to something much more serious.
see research data below Research has proven that cattle and its waste constitutes 30% of all greenhouse gases () and is perhaps the most easily rectifiable short-term contributor to this overwhelming problem, is livestock farming.
On the other hand, the expert deliberately exaggerated a few small and rectifiable shortcomings in the VJD system.
I believe that is rectifiable, because the brand is strong, the product offering and our trading ability is here, the demand for online - particularly mobile - is positive and we've got the ammunition to make it happen.
The proof is followed by a remark that it can be generalized to any rectifiable curve by employing the concept of Lebesque integral and that a similar relation also holds for spatial curves--projections must only be made on all planes and the mean length of the total projection must be multiplied by 4/n.