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Synonyms for rectangularity

the property of being shaped like a rectangle

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Consequently, rectangularity of polygons in type 6 is close to 1.
Rectangularity is another important shape feature which is usually applied to distinguish the slender object from the spheroidal/quadrate object.
Size parameter Shape index and formula Area (A) Circularity = P2/A Perimeter (P) Rectangularity = A/(OLxOW) Otolith length (OL) Form function = 4[pi]A/[P.
Rosin, "Measuring shape: ellipticity, rectangularity, and triangularity," Machine Vision and Applications, vol.
The machine produces the best results in terms of plane parallelism and rectangularity.
Note that the joint coordinates were different from the visual coordinates in order to compensate for the rectangularity of the monitor.
Rectangularity, Speciation and Chromosome Architecture.
The most dominant object in the illustration is a huge chest of drawers whose rectangularity seems to proliferate in desk drawers, mini-cabinets, a butterfly collection, and a plethora of closed boxes--including, of course, the red box.
Then there are beginnings scattered all over, and at various angles that ignore the rectangularity of the paper, as if by not starting at the top or not following the shape of the page he could fool himself that it is not a beginning" (135).
As well documented in Frank's book, his native state's rectitudinous rectangularity has morphed from its early radical progressivism to its current radical conservatism.
The section map showing the town of Tulare and adjacent homesteads and ranches is a fine illustration of the diagonal tilt oriented by the railroad and superimposed upon the north-south and east-west rectangularity of the grid lines.
Guitar's exemplary hybridity (between painting and object, between relief and readymade, between virtual and architectural space) seemingly has to be tamed and repictorialized, placed beside a large, framed collage that reinforces rectangularity.
The X-axis is fitted with drive and linear measuring systems on each side to avoid measuring errors caused by twisting, rectangularity deviations, and contouring errors.
As usual with Steiner schools, there was a demand to avoid strict rectangularity, and resulting gentle variations confer on each polygonal room a particular character while allowing advantage to be taken of a corner, an annexe, a step in plan or whatever.