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someone who supplies members or employees

an official who enlists personnel for military service

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The admission was the basis of the earlier statement of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima that the recruiter was once a drug courier before rising from the ranks in the international drug syndicate.
Craig Ridener, a recruiter from the 434th Air Refueling Wing at Grissom Air Reserve Base, Ind.
Parker Barille wrote in a blog post about the Recruiter Mobile app, "Recruiters have a hard time interacting with you when they're away from their desks, which is frustrating for everyone.
In response to this comes this guidebook for technical recruiters, written from the perspective of both a technology professional and a technical recruiter.
As you probably know, most recruiter calls are brief "Who do you know?
From fiscal year 2006 through 2008, the total number of substantiated cases of recruiter irregularities across the service components represented a small percentage of overall accessions (i.
Or recruiters can choose to have job-seekers click through a link directly to the recruiter's Web site.
Learn the do's and don'ts of successfully interviewing with a physician executive recruiter.
There are typically one to three other candidates the recruiter recommends who are interviewing for the same job.
One family from Baltimore met a recruiter in a factory.
Using student lists, the local recruiter can contact students, discuss their goals, and encourage them to stay in school and graduate.
In Houston, a recruiter allegedly threatened to have a wavering would-be recruit arrested if he backed out, according to Army officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.
So say 88 percent of executive recruiters from those regions who completed the sixth edition of the quarterly Executive Recruiter Index released by Korn/Ferry International.
Built on the popular FileMaker Pro 6 database software, FileMaker Recruiter is one of the of the first FileMaker Applications business solutions.