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someone who supplies members or employees

an official who enlists personnel for military service

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The names of the individual Best Recruiters are available on the Best Recruiter Wall of Fame.
Another benefit of serving as a recruiter is a well-defined career pyramid that spells out exactly what recruiters need to accomplish to be considered for promotion and assignment opportunities within the organization.
Responding to another comment from a technical professional, "the most important thing a recruiter can do is to really understand what the job will be and then properly communicate that information to me," this book teaches IT recruiters how to read between the lines of technical job descriptions and resumes in order to perform a job description match; and also provides sample questions to ask hiring managers to better understand the job description requirements.
Recommendation: The Secretary of Defense should direct the Secretaries of the Army and Navy to identify mechanisms for the regular sharing of the recruiter irregularity data throughout all levels of command.
Getting to second requires leadership skills, which can be assessed by the recruiter on the telephone or in a face-to-face interview.
Comish added that the school and recruiting duty help polish and refine an NCO's skills, providing a recruiter with a higher set of communication skills and developing the NCO into an adaptive leader for the Army.
The key fact about working with recruiters and agencies is to remember that they work for the hiring company, not you.
That means the military depends entirely on recruiters to attract an educated, highly sophisticated, and well-trained force to defend our nation and win our wars.
Army officials said it would affect almost all 7,500 recruiters at 1,700 stations around the United States.
The Executive Recruiter Index was based on a quarterly survey of 185 Korn/Ferry International consultants, who serve the world's largest corporations and nonprofit organizations.
FileMaker Recruiter is designed to quickly identify the most important relationships and skills contained in each recruiter's network of contacts and resources.
The recruiter may use every aspect of the Enhanced CD to emphasize key points and address common issues raised in the chat forum.
Recruiters often have valuable insight about the company and can provide job candidates with valuable insight into what a firm is looking for in order to fill the position," notes Franci Eisenberg, senior executive and technical recruiter with Professional Recruiters.
We polled international recruiters at the top of their game, and we asked them a pretty simple question: I want that big job, the one that turns me into a hot prospect for every recruiter in the region.