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Synonyms for recruit

Synonyms for recruit

any new member or supporter (as in the armed forces)

register formally as a participant or member

seek to employ

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cause to assemble or enlist in the military


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The study targeted university students as research subjects because they constitute a spatially concentrated and thereby conveniently recruitable cohort of individuals belonging to the primary demographic of young adults (aged 18-29) among whom the adoption and use of location-based services is highest (Zickuhr and Smith, 2010).
The buffalo ovary has a smaller population of recruitable follicles at any given time; an average of 12,000 primary follicles has been reported (Danell, 1987), compared to the average in the ovary of the cow, which has an average of 133,000 (Erickson, 1966).
C Bohm S H and Amato M B P Bedside estimation of recruitable alveolar collapse and hyperdistension by electrical impedance tomography Int.
Provisions exist for Instant Enrolment in the Army in respect of one son / brother (if unmarried / married but without a male child) of the Battle Casualty, wherein the candidate is enrolled in the Army as a soldier if he is medically fit and in recruitable age.
A modern nation state which systematically ignores a local population should not be surprised when large sectors of that population is potentially recruitable by a terror group espousing, as its cause, a correction of injustice.
Altman confirmed Thursday that Lyle is not in school but said he could not comment more because Lyle is once again a recruitable athlete.
Therein, the reasons for a kind of fixed division of labour is clear: the assurance of social reproduction leads to predictability of easily recruitable labour force and productive routines of labour organization in the family; the belief in 'natural' order ensures less conflicts or even an emotional detachment from change; the tradition of knowledge and skills in similar ways can bring about a strong accumulation of experiences.
The Recruitable Community Program, initiated in 1998, is a collaborative effort between the DRHR and the West Virginia University Extension Service (WVU), to promote community engagement and volunteerism and enhance a community's ability to attract providers to rural underserved areas.
Effects of immature recruitable collaterals on myocardial blood flow and infarct size after acute coronary occlusion.
Despite GnRH antagonist administration in the late luteal phase and menstrual bleeding, FSH was not sufficiently reduced to secure a more synchronic cohort of recruitable follicles (51).
Recruitment manoeuvres were applied if increasing MAP did not result in target oxygen saturation and there seemed to be recruitable lesions such as consolidation in the lung, which were checked by chest X-rays or computed tomography.
Richard Klabunde will explain the pressure and volume changes during the cardiac cycle and the significance of major pressure volume relationships including end systolic (ESPVR), preload recruitable stroke work (PRSW), and end diastolic (EDPVR).
by giving a hypnotic agent to raise the arousal threshold in patients with recruitable upper airway muscles (105,106).
If that's also the case elsewhere, then a when-to-start study is not recruitable.