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the revival of an unfortunate situation after a period of abatement

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Its princes have turned leopards burying their claws in the succulent flesh of the sheep they are meant to herd, decimating them in senseless recrudescent wars.
Many poems in Privilege and The Nightmare Factory address the same familial and personal topics that Plath and Sexton had written about, but it's not until House, Bridge, Fountain, Gate that you really delve into a recrudescent mode in poems such as "Sperm," "The Thirties Revisited," "Heaven as Anus," "Life's Work," "The Jesus Infection," "Song for Seven Parts of the Body.
Studies have identified parasites as genuinely recrudescent by genotyping those in the original and subsequent parasitaemia (6).
The hallmark of a herpes infection is the ability of the virus to establish a latent infection in the nervous system, to reactivate and to cause recrudescent lesions.
Interestingly, Jackson blames the rise of political correctness for the persistence of racial paranoia, writing that "political correctness has proven tragically effective at hiding racism, not just healing it" He would, it seems, prefer recrudescent racism to excessive racial sensitivity.
Dawson may have accepted the notion of historical progress, but he saw modernity largely as a recrudescent paganism whose antidote was the permanent authority of the Church.
For example, this 15th edition of Public Health and Preventive Medicine offers a restructured infectious and communicable disease section reflects on the emergence of many recrudescent conditions; more information on existing web-based resources for further reading; new information on community-based participatory research; and essential information on the infrastructure of public health service delivery.
Had this patient not been lost to follow-up, it would have been interesting to examine the in vitro susceptibility of any recrudescent Rhodotorula isolated after prolonged exposure to voriconazole.
Recrudescent German anti-semitism after 1945, plus a bogus charge of plagiarism, had terribly exacerbated his wartime trauma while stiffening his resolve.
The snake in the grass was a recrudescent Moses, who seduced puritans into breaching primary principles in the interest of self-cultivation of unattainable righteousness.
As if responding to Hook and Dewey's call for scientific pluralism in an age of recrudescent "monism," Rukeyser's Gibbs appears a heroic scientist pictured in contradictory terms: a skeptic "axiom-breaker" of received wisdom who has faith in the "purity" of the Platonic "idea"; a "system-builder" who understands the flux of his forms; a clear-headed logician of the chaste concept, who knows that "complexity must be reckoned with at every step, that unity might be a dream that was lost forever, and that no one system would do for the times" (Rukeyser 1942, 11).
But Lamb does not rail directly at Shelley and vegetarians as Swift did at Sir William and political arithmeticians; rather, he employed the deadly sin of gluttony in its most suggestively shocking form to recuperate a version of religious grace at variance with Shelleyan utopianism rooted in the recrudescent herbivorous ideology of Porphyry of Tyre (AD 233-304).
The recrudescent Elmer Gantry-ism of recent decades has given "finding God" a deservedly unsavory reputation.
And how on earth will their studies speak to the latest authoritarian apostles, even now in my country marching as to war, of a recrudescent religious orthodoxy?
The book has, for example, a complete chapter analyzing references in the Moghul Emperor Babur's autobiography to his troubled dealings with the Pashtun tribes he encountered and tried to rule in the early sixteenth century--unmistakeable echoes from the lawless mountain areas frequented today by remnants of al-Qaeda and the recrudescent Taliban.