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engaged in as a pastime

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where thousands of people along with families are coming for recreational purposes on daily basis.
This is a big win in the effort to increase access to public lands for sportsmen across Arizona that will hopefully restore the rights of recreational shooters to access Ironwood Forest National Monument, said Flake.
However, the latest poll, which was commissioned by National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, indicated the majority of Michigan residents are ready to upgrade the law and legalize recreational use of the plant.
8, voters in Eugene, Springfield and other cities and towns around Lane County will decide whether to impose local taxes on the sale of recreational marijuana.
The recreational fishery sector accounts for a significant portion of the total take of many marine fish species managed by the state of California.
Recreational Vehicle Dealers Industry-Industry & Market Report, published annually , contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
The proceedings gathered in this volume are from a November 2008 conference held in Dania Beach, Florida, bringing together some 200 international participants to discuss the global impact of recreational fishing on the environment.
However, the department does not fund any grant programs that support recreational activities exclusively nor does it define or track "recreational activities" among the various initiatives that grant recipients are implementing to execute their overall grant program objectives.
In Canada, as in most other Western countries, the recreational view has become the conventional view.
Based upon our findings, we proceeded to explore the multidimensional benefits of recreational music making in a highly stressed long-term care workforce plagued by excessive turnover.
The peer-reviewed study, published in Science magazine, has produced a howl of criticism from recreational fishing advocates who question the data behind the study and oppose additional regulation.
Their new estimate for the annual recreational landings for all species, not just the troubled ones, comes to 4 percent.
But some, as they become more successful, lose interest in teaching the recreational or novice dancers or the "babies" in favor of working with the advanced dancers.
A group of expert American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) clinicians has developed an evidence-based practice guideline for recreational therapy for residents with dementia.
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