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returning to health after illness or debility


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ANF Peshawar in another operation arrested Mohammad Ilyas r/o Khyber Agency and a lady, Rooma r/o Attock, recovering 1.
In seventh operation, ANF Lahore intercepted a Truck near Jalla Chowk, Tandlianwala Road, Faisalabad, recovering 211 Kg Hashish and 7 Kg Opium concealed in secret cavities of the Truck.
Under supervision of Sihala police station SHO Inspector Shaukat Ali, the police team comprising Sub-Inspector (SI) Muhammad Gulfraz, ASI Zulfiqar Ahmed along with others raided the gambling den in Bahria Town and arrested eight gamblers red-handed, besides recovering stake money of Rs71,910, two laptops, 23 mobile phones, computer, LED, dish receivers, calculators, and gambling tools from them.
The data recovery success rate is significantly better when recovering from a recent incremental backup point rather than relying on a complete static image that has an older date-time stamp associated with it.
The organization representing many consumers of scrap paper made it clear that it sees recovering more of the commodity as important.
The majority has held that contingent attorneys' fees are gross income to the recovering plaintiff (1); the minority has held that these fees do not constitute gross income to the recovering plaintiff.
Increasing the amount of recovered paper: This requires recovering more paper from existing industrial and commercial sources and implementing effective recovery programs for small generators (small office, multi-family and residential)
Recovering a damaged or corrupted file is as simple as clicking "Recover" and selecting the bad file.
which for four years has supported R&D on "skin" flotation for recovering ABS, polypropylene, polyurethane foam, and copper from ASR.
We try to guess what people could pay and see about recovering that,'' Hill said.
Too bad the USDA and industry don't have a similar success rate when it comes to recovering recalled meat product.