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Synonyms for recourse

Synonyms for recourse

that to which one turns for help when in desperation

Synonyms for recourse

act of turning to for assistance

something or someone turned to for assistance or security


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"The NRPF Multi-Agency Protocol will equip practitioners to acquire a better understanding of the needs and vulnerabilities of families and individuals with No recourse to public funds and identify how they can access appropriate support".
Although the loans are full recourse, the immediate sponsor lacks capacity to pay; the loans have partial recourse to the ultimate parent company of the sponsor, which has been funding shortfalls.
However, loans made to the LLC or guaranteed by a member (or a member affiliate) generally are treated as recourse for the debt allocation rules.
The alternative arrangement is non recourse factoring where the only recourse available to factors for non-payment is against the purchasers themselves (except in specific circumstances such as situations involving a commercial dispute between the company and the purchaser).
The engineering and construction company said the recent debt issuance from its Abengoa Greenfield subsidiary would be considered non- recourse and would not be included in its corporate leverage metrics.
The proceeds of this $7MM, 65% loan-to-value non-recourse loan were used by the borrower, A&M Hospitality, for the refinance of recourse, local bank renovation debt.
Cagamas purchases loans and financing on a recourse basis ('purchase with recourse' or PWR) as well as on a non-recourse ('purchase without recourse' or PWOR) basis from originating financial institutions, corporate and the government, and issues debt securities to fund its purchases.
In many criminal procedural legislations, the recourse for the law's interest as an extraordinary means of attack has a special legal finality in the sense that if admitted, the cassation of the decisive criminal decision attacked is aimed to settle and indicate certain conducts within instances and by no means to retrial, as it is the case of the classic recourse so to speak.
NAA/NMHC and a coalition of trade groups have filed a "friend of the court" brief in an important case pending before the Michigan Supreme Court that could have a chilling effect on conduit borrowers, including apartment firms, by converting non-recourse loans into recourse loans (Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
The lender's recourse is only to the mortgaged property, even if the lender suffers a deficiency after a sale of the property.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasted the tyrannical world order, describing it as the root cause of existing problems in the world and stressed that recourse to Quran will provide solution for Mankind problems.
Crossroads-Maiden Lane LLC of New York is seeking a deficiency judgment of $65.4 million, alleging the investors triggered recourse liability when management of the property moved to Little Rock's Flake & Kelley Commercial.
Summary: ALGIERS- The National Fund of Farmer's Mutual Plan (CNMA-Bank), currently managed by an administrator, envisions the recourse to international expertise and assistance for its restructuration project.
The type of recourse is more dominant in factoring service.
INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW--ORIGINAL DSB RULINGS APPLY TO SUBSEQUENT REMEDIAL MEASURES--United States--Tax Treatment for "Foreign Sales Corporations," Second Recourse to Article 21.5 of the DSU by the European Communities, WT/DS108/36 (March 14, 2006).