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Synonyms for recourse

Synonyms for recourse

that to which one turns for help when in desperation

Synonyms for recourse

act of turning to for assistance

something or someone turned to for assistance or security


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Investors looking to multiply the funds they have available to invest, while minimizing risk to their assets, will benefit greatly from the Non Recourse Loan program.
They claimed that said violation constituted a "bad boy" act and triggered personal recourse.
In non-recourse loans, some "bad boy" provisions have the effect of converting the non-recourse loan to a full recourse loan such that the borrower becomes liable for the full amount of the loan.
recourse or nonrecourse) determines the transfer's tax consequences.
On one hand, you may seek recourse by filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office Bureau of Consumer Fraud in your state.
The revised rule addresses the risk-based capital treatment for recourse obligations, residual interests (except credit-enhancing I/Os), direct-credit substitutes, and senior subordinated securities in asset securitizations that expose banking organizations (including bank holding companies) primarily to credit risk.
Worldwide commercial availability of strong covert security applications is fast becoming a necessity to ensure network security as unauthorized access by outsiders and insiders continues to rise," stated Frank Huerta, CEO and president of Recourse Technologies.
How much income does a taxpayer realize if he or she is insolvent and a creditor forecloses on property secured by recourse debt?
Your company could provide full recourse to the lender.
While much of the media coverage regarding the future treatment of asset sales with recourse has subsided, the issue has not lain dormant.
As previously mentioned, bank holding companies report their activities in accordance with GAAP, which permits asset securitization transactions to be treated as sales when certain criteria are met, even when there is recourse to the seller.
Often, we finance real estate with a non-recourse 'A' note and a recourse 'B' note for customers with demonstrable financial capacity.
Hancock is a valuable addition to our board and we are excited that he will help guide Recourse through the tremendous growth opportunities the company is facing," said Frank Huerta, president & CEO at Recourse.
Accrued property taxes can affect partners' bases in their partnership interests and the determination of partnership minimum gain, depending on whether the resulting liability is recourse or nonrecourse under the governing statute of the taxing authority.
3 million or 19 cents per share) reflecting an increase to the estimated recourse liability recorded by Option One Mortgage Corporation for loan repurchases and premium recapture reserves.