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Synonyms for recoup

Synonyms for recoup

the act of getting back or regaining

Synonyms for recoup

reimburse or compensate (someone), as for a loss

regain or make up for

retain and refrain from disbursing

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In response to a request by Plaid submitted under the Freedom of Information Act, the UK Highways Agency, said: "Government has the right to recoup its own costs from the construction, maintenance and management of the bridge until 2027.
Recoup has signed partnerships with 275+ local and national non-profit organizations with a combined reach of 9.
The decision to recoup the bonuses was reportedly taken by Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta Osorio, who had already pledged to give up his own GBP2.
A bathroom remodel can recoup about 64 percent, while a bathroom addition is more likely to come in at 53 percent.
The group spent years opposing the plans and now wants to recoup its costs with a night of music and dancing.
15% charge on liabilities in a bid to recoup at least pounds 55.
It will then tell you much of a saving the diesel is likely to make per 1,000 miles, and how far the car will have to travel to recoup any premium if the diesel version is more expensive.
Homeowners who install solar panels will take 200 years to recoup the cost through lower energy bills, it was claimed this week.
As part of my job I have to recoup as much of the expenditure as possible, and it is difficult to do that without him," Lalas said.
Chastened by restatements and shareholder lawsuits, a number of major companies have been seeking to recoup money paid out to former CEOs and other top executives in bonuses.
More and more companies are recognizing the bottom-line need to formally address the issues of retired, idle and surplus assets to reduce risk and recoup maximum value from these capital assets.
British Airways spokesperson told reporters the carrier is giving "no consideration" to suing the UK government to recoup the nearly [pounds sterling]50 million ($94.
Maximum Mama also failed to recoup $40,000 dollars from a couple of maternity boutiques and a regional department store that went bankrupt.
Some districts recoup the initial investment immediately in special education savings, alone.