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Synonyms for recoup

Synonyms for recoup

the act of getting back or regaining

Synonyms for recoup

reimburse or compensate (someone), as for a loss

regain or make up for

retain and refrain from disbursing

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Recoup is the leading cause shopping destination where consumers can find thousands of products, experiences and travel destinations at great prices while supporting a cause they love - all through a single point of sale.
But replacing an existing boiler with a new one would cost pounds 1,720, and knock only around pounds 95 a year off fuel bills, meaning it would take 18 years to recoup the installation costs.
The company hasn't been able to collect on those bonuses, but has since adopted a policy to recoup bonuses if executive misconduct leads to a restatement.
To put it in perspective, card issuers would have to levy annual fees costing the average credit card user pounds 35 a year to recoup the potential pounds 1bn loss.
The players' union, which in recent years has seen the NFL successfully recoup signing bonuses and exercise greater control over players, was not at all pleased by Bloch's decision.
There are a number of variables that will affect the amount of time it will take a metalcasting facility to fully recoup its expenses--and many of them are overlooked.
The Supreme Court's decision may result in discouraging private parties from voluntarily remediating contaminated sites because such parties will not be able to recoup their costs from other PRPs under CERCLA.
Gallagher, a turnaround specialist for troubled industrial manufacturing companies, does plan to recoup some of his investment through sales of his "mini ranches.
3 soy producer, because it says a huge black market for the genetically modified seeds makes it impossible to recoup its investments.
Bread prices will have to rise again in early 2004 if bakers are to recoup a second sharp upsurge in the price of wheat this year, the UK's leading bakeries have warned.
Courts against the Uzans in January 2002, seeking to recoup more than $2 billion that was owed to the companies.
Senior sleuths trained by 54 government-sponsored Senior Medicare Patrol Projects have helped recoup almost $4 million for Medicare and reportedly close to $80 million for other payers, according to a DHHS memorandum.
If this discourse is dated, the paintings are still here, and the show gives us the opportunity to reconsider them--not to recoup them for "beauty" but to think about their life as physical objects.
Are we legally allowed to recoup the entire amount from the employee, even though it took us several months to discover the overpayment?