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A 5-member bench of EC presided over by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Justice (Retd) Sardar Raza took up for hearing the petition filed by MQM seeking recounting of votes Thursday.
Earlier, the recounting of votes at PP-150 Lahore was halted as the presiding officers of the nine polling stations did not reach the session court following the order of the Returning Officer.
After the opposition failed in a legal bid on Friday to halt the process, electoral commission officials began recounting yesterday morning in each of the constituencies in the presence of party agents and foreign monitors.
What is clear from all this is that, in every single instance of partial recounting after the initial PREP tabulation, Calderon's winning margin was reduced, sometimes significantly so, as in the case of the suddenly "rediscovered" 2.
It was just real lengthy because we were recounting everything.
These are not poems about those rooms in Graceland or about Elvis's life as much as they are poems about the icon of Elvis Presley: voices recounting how Elvis was a part of their own lives whether through his music, his TV image or his physical presence.
Election Commission Chairman Huang Shih-cheng said that if the legislature passes an election law amendment, the quickest a recount could begin is April 3 because the commission will have to recruit a large number of people to do the recounting.
Very early on in the sporadic Florida recount process, the chin-strokers on CNN started to fret that if the recounting dragged on too long, Americans might begin to doubt the infallibility of our institutions and even our system.
It had long ago become clear that Vice President Gore's efforts to capture the presidency depended on the flawed recounting scheme sanctioned by the Florida Supreme Court.
Gore campaign chiefs expressed determination to see the recounting through.
Palm Beach County -- the focal point of the Florida voting turmoil - had planned to start recounting a sample 4,100 ballots by hand yesterday at the request of the Democrats.
Since all three errors were made by the same person, it appears more appropriate to have the client recount all the areas originally counted by that individual, instead of recounting the entire inventory.
In Michigan, 83 counties began recounting ballots Monday and six more counties were expected to start Tuesday.
Lahore -- The Election Tribunal has opened the ballot boxes of ten polling stations of constituency NA135 for recounting of votes and review of records.
IEC regional chief in Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of Balkh, Izzatullah Arman told Pajhwok Afghan News their office had started recounting votes polled at 50 polling stations of 29 polling centres mostly in Mazar-i-Sharif and Zari, Charbolak and Chamtal districts.