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a sleeve for storing a phonograph record

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"I only found out by accident when I was visiting a friend in London and she had the record cover on her wall.
Best Art Vinyl celebrates record cover art, compiling the global opinion on the best in art, photography and graphic design in modern music culture.
Cooper's colourful figures are imbued with an energy entirely missing from the record cover and conjure another photographic format--that of the spreads in the Sunday magazine gossip sections.
Rugby-born James Morrison, Razorlight, Travis and The Fratellis will also record cover versions.
YOU WOULD THINK THE OVERLY-EFFICIENT MARKETING/ legal/public relations/athlete development departments over at the swoosh Nike SB would have thought better of co-opting a Minor Threat record cover to promote an East Coast demo tour.
Her own brass portrait of Stravinsky has been featured on a record cover, and her portrait of oil baron hess was used on the cover of Business Week.
The 24-foot by 10-foot tapestry was commissioned by Amnesty International in appreciation for giving the rights to record cover versions of Lennon's post-Beatles songs.
I was looking after the Boulevard pub that was below it, having become disillusioned with being a photo-journalist (albeit I had my first publication at the age of 15 in a national newspaper, covered Lindisfarne and created their record cover for Run For Home and was appointed Muhammed Ali's photographer for his visit up here).
The be-quiffed cigarette-puffing star on this moody record cover is none other than Lady Gaga.
At least he's attempting to reclaim a record cover as a piece of art that is worth collecting.
He continued: "So subsequently the 'New Jersey' record cover is awful, 'Keep the Faith' is pretty good, but most of our album covers are just s***e.
My favourite one is a signed record cover from Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson which I will always treasure and never sell.
They describe themselves as the "hillbilly tribute to AC/DC" and record cover versions of rock classics in "rockgrass" - a blend of bluegrass and rock.
Long Play, 50 Years of Record Cover Art, tries to bring together the most iconic designs and show how record covers have developed over the years.
Opus opens today with the Jamie Reid show featuring the original collage used for the God Save the Queen record cover.