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Synonyms for recondition

Synonyms for recondition

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bring into an improved condition

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There is controversy about a reconditioned Aga range cooker - some say that you are not going to get an original complete cooker or that the working parts are second hand.
NCG-Container Solutions increased the output of reconditioned IBCs by 25 per cent from September 2012, and expects to continue growing as customers become aware of its safe and reliable reconditioned IBCs.
He told the Parliamentarians during question answer session at the National Assembly that 56,000 reconditioned cars have been imported under the government's policy to import used cars and the decision was taken after consultation with all the concerning stakeholders in this regard.
When traditional helmets are taken apart to be reconditioned, Ferrara says, the pads are taken out and washed in big bags - and are routinely returned to different helmets.
When the City Council Committees on Health, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management and Consumer Affairs held an open forum in February 2009, they discussed three different options: a ban on the sale of reconditioned mattresses, the creation of a DOHMH training program on proper bed bug elimination techniques, and requirements to label mattresses prior to disposal.
We want to maximise the number of containers that are reconditioned, reused and recovered and minimise the number that are disposed of," Hunt said.
The firm, which employs 14 people, was contacted by the Volkel, a German firm which had acquired three grinding machines from Eastern Europe and wanted them to be reconditioned.
You also have the option of buying new or reconditioned machines.
Rebuilt and reconditioned rubber compounding and processing equipment available from the company, which it recently purchased from Goodyear Wolverhampton, includes complete extruder lines, calendering lines, mixing lines and miscellaneous other machinery for the tire and rubber industry.
Now even pressure screens are repaired and reconditioned.
One tempting option that has emerged is value-price reconditioned or re-certified tape media, particularly with DLTtape and Super DLTtape products.
168(k), the acquisition of rebuilt or reconditioned property does not meet the original-use requirement.
ENGINE replacement costs vary according to Wiseman but reconditioned units are an option in some cases.
Within five days, the UPS is returned to a business fully reconditioned, with a new battery and a two-year warranty.
Manufacturers have witnessed athletic directors and business managers buying reconditioned equipment at one-third the price of buying new.