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Synonyms for recompense

Synonyms for recompense

to give payment to in return for goods or services rendered

to give a satisfactory return to

something justly deserved

something given in exchange for goods or services rendered

Synonyms for recompense

payment or reward (as for service rendered)

the act of compensating for service or loss or injury

make amends for

make payment to

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Pour rappel, le trophee TUNISIA BRAND AWARDS, organise par Kim Events, l'Institut national de la normalisation et la propriete industrielle (INNORPI) et l'UTICA, s'est base sur un sondage d'opinion aupres des consommateurs ; il repose sur la confiance du consommateur, la reputation de la marque sur le marche et recompense les efforts deployes durant une annee au niveau marketing et communication.
Absolute standards of performance diminish the stimulant for low performing suppliers, considering their diminished probability of accomplishing the goals (Bratu, 2013a), but relative standards that recompense enhancement can wind up recompensing the lowest performing suppliers the most as they are frequently able to enhance the most.
La relation observee dans notre echantillon quebecois entre la recompense alimentaire et la frequence de consommation d'aliments moins sains, dont les bonbons et croustilles, a aussi ete suggeree dans une etude allemande menee aupres d'enfants de 1 a 10 ans (24).
Kelvin Mackenzie's demand for an apology and recompense relating to the Sun's infamous 'The Truth' story has infuriated families of Hillsborough victims
Lord Wigley said UK Ministers should start talking to the Welsh Government about fair recompense for any water transfers.
Flyglobespan actually treated us like grown-ups and I feel desperately sorry for the staff and customers like me who've lost flights with no recompense, but the demise of a home grown airline is a much bigger loss.
The Lilywhites paid EUR5,500 by cheque yesterday and will pay the balance in monthly instalments after they were given until yesterday to recompense the experienced defender, thus avoiding possible sanctions in the form of a points deduction.
He demanded the provincial government to pay recompense to the bereaved families.
The two clubs could not agree a fee for the 19-year-old, his age means City are entitled to some recompense, and will be settled by a tribunal.
KABUL (PAN): During the last eight years of the war against Taliban militants, the Australian government has paid more than $120,000 in recompense to Afghan civilians.
One is to pay recompense for the crime committed and the other is a deterrent.
A jury officer at the Bureau will decide whether that person can be excused, based on the details given, and although you get some recompense for loss of earnings there is a limit on this.
Reports suggested yesterday that the regulator could now consider further punishment by getting the firm to agree to cutting bills or cancelling price rises - a move that could amount to pounds 10 million - in order to recompense customers.
The French horns were fuzzy at the opening, but Lou Anne Neil's translucent harp sound and the transparency of the small string choir offered ample recompense.
This same recompense,' subject to the same conditions, is also available for drugs already marketed and still covered by intellectual property rights.