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commit once again, as of a crime

commit again

send back to a committee

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By linking the presidency so clearly and publicly to recommittal of the bill, the loss of prestige if Congress had ignored his objections was potentially disastrous.
A government amendment seeking recommittal to the Committee was negatived in a recorded division on October 25, 2006, and the main concurrence motion was adopted.
The recommittal will follow a simple service of readings, prayers and hymns in the church which will be led by the Rev Jenny Lister.
I do not accept the Government's argument that recommittal will take a great deal of time.
Recommittal may result in a sentence that is equivalent to a punishment for a separate, new crime, since the time the parolee spent free is not subtracted from the time remaining on the original sentence.
22) With the recommittal vote pending, according to Secretary Perkins, "President Green of the AFL, although he had been privately apologetic for the position taken by some of his colleagues (against the bill), now threw the whole weight of his organization against the bill.
The Southern-dominated House Rules Committee, at Manasco's request, submitted the bill under rulings that limited votes to passage or recommittal.
The special rule provided for the recommittal of the conference report to the conference committee; two pages reportedly were missing from the original printed conference report (H.