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commit once again, as of a crime

commit again

send back to a committee

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'It is a call for a rededication, recommitment to the course of the Nigeria nationhood and I will bring to bear everything that I need to do.
I move, Madam Speaker, that we reconsider the recommitment of House Bill No.
Enjoy one at a time when you're ready for a wake-up call, preferably followed by a friendly cup of coffee and a recommitment to never taking the people in your life for granted.
It's a big recommitment to Hearst's Washington Bureau, established in the 1990s to provide political and other national-news reporting to Hearst Television stations across 26 DMAs.
Approximately 163M people are at risk of developing the disease and this recommitment ensures that Pfizer, through the International Trachoma Initiative, will continue to provide trachoma endemic countries with donated antibiotics that are a critical component of the global strategy to eliminate this neglected tropical disease.
She argues the circuit court lacked personal jurisdiction to hold a hearing and lacked authority to enter a default order in a commitment proceeding, and the orders were based upon reports of doctors who never met her nor testified at the recommitment hearing, rendering the supporting evidence insufficient.
The anti-graft court also ordered the recommitment of former immigration officials Al Argosino and Michael Robles to the Quezon City Jail Annex at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig after finding probable cause to try them for plunder.
It is paramount that we achieve a recommitment to and a reaffirmation of human rights for all, and bring back trust in their importance for the well-being of each and every person.
I am proud of our recent recommitment to Baltimore city through our new mid-Atlantic headquarters, he says.
It has been just a couple of weeks since he dropped by Alab Pilipinas practice to meet with Coach Jimmy Alapag and the players, who included Ginebra import Justin Brownlee and former Petron reinforcement Renaldo Balkman, and there pledged SMC's recommitment to the squad in the Asean Basketball League.
I would call it a commemoration, a recommitment. This event will be a rededication for the time to come for all of us to get together and remember that there is a lot to be done'.
'Thus, the immediate recommitment and cancellation of bail of all the accused should logically follow,' it added.
The recommitment maintains full occupancy at the 9,000-square-foot, Bergen County property.
"As UT students return in the coming week, I look forward to welcoming them here for a new academic year with a recommitment to an open, positive and inclusive learning environment for all."
"I also welcome the recent recommitment by the JCPOA participants, in Vienna, on 25 April, to the full and effective implementation of the Plan," he added.