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beginning again

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a US-based energy company, announced a new operational structure for its subsidiary company, Treaty Belize Energy Ltd, along with the recommencement of drilling operations in Belize, reports Caribbean News Now (May 8, 2013).
His wry slant on life represented the first torque given to German-language literature after the ascesis of Year Zero, an aesthetic recommencement that did not return to discredited rhetorics.
Aujourd'hui, c'est le debut du recommencement qui aura pour mission d'unifier le FLN du sommet jusqu'a la base en respectant les principes democratiques.
5 billion in export opportunity and implied that the recommencement of operations had revived the sector.
December 21, 2012 is a celebration of the end of an ancient mystic cycle and the recommencement of an Indigenous call to consciousness for the restoration of life in balance," continued Romero.
accordance with the recommencement of the share repurchase programme
According to company sources, after the recommencement of production, the company has reached levels close to that pre-revolutionary period.
Recommencement of works are scheduled for May 2012 with phase A of the development due for completion by the fourth quarter of 2013, the company said.
Both GCC excursions come before Italy's top two lock horns again on the recommencement of Italian league action, where after 16 games the pair are tied on 37 points.
The Lebanese President assured that the International Community would not allow the recommencement of terrorism and that France would not yield to the pressures aiming to withdraw its peacekeeping troops from Lebanon.
We believe that the recommencement of services between Uganda and Bahrain will spur investment, trade and leisure travel between the two countries and the larger East Africa region.
NYSE: UAL), has announced the recommencement of a regular service between Guam, US, and Sendai, Japan.
National Sports Council president Hassan Saqr met with the representatives of the top-flight sides few days ago, before the EFA announced the date of the league recommencement.
In an analysis published Monday, Haywood Securities estimated mine restart costs of $20 million and the recommencement of full production during the fourth quarter of this year.
The recommencement of the route is due to discussions between the EU authorities, the Ukrainian and Austrian authorities and Austrian authorities.