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Synonyms for recognize

Synonyms for recognize

to perceive to be identical with something held in the memory


to establish the identification of

to express recognition of

Synonyms for recognize

accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority

Related Words

be fully aware or cognizant of

grant credentials to

express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for

exhibit recognition for (an antigen or a substrate)

Related Words

show approval or appreciation of

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The use of such data to represent the best times obtainable with ASR depends on an assumption that the effects of the mutual adaptation of user and recognizer are limited to error rates and error correction.
* Installed Programs and Utilities: Address Book, Date Book, Calculator, Notes, Tasks, E-mail Inbox, Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, File Explorer, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Reader, Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, Games, Infrared Send/Receive Utility, ActiveSync and Character Recognizer.
An example is a non-native speaker whose accent is problematic for an English speech recognizer to process reliably.
Thus the obvious fact that making many extra theorems available is the only way to drastically shorten proof lengths, and therefore drastically speed-up the ru times of programs which recognize the truth of theorems by 'blindly' enumeratin proofs (in order of increasing length), automatically implies (by the above 'program independence') that this is also the only way to drastically speed-up any mechanical theorem recognizer. In other words, any method of mechanical theorem recognition has the same behaviour, with respect to 'drastic speed-up', as 'blind' proof enumerators.
To provide this capability to users, the Jovi Image Recognizer leverages ViSenze's advanced visual search capabilities to connect consumers with over half a billion products from various retailers across nearly 100 mainstream ecommerce platforms such as Shopee and Zalora.
One press activates the Google Assistant, while two calls the Jovi Image Recognizer into action.
As explained by Google on its blog, the new all-neural, on-device Gboard speech recognizer does not search over a larger decoder graph and instead consists of a beam search through a single neural network.
Educational video typically includes technical vocabulary and jargon that would be difficult for a standard recognizer to identify.
An automatic target recognizer is a real-time or near-real-time image/signal understanding system, says Schachter.
The inclusion of adopted foreign language speech recognizer is aimed at exploiting the elements of well-developed acoustic models of foreign languages, moreover, for example, Microsoft speech recognizer 8.0 for Windows (Spanish--Spain) enables good voice command end--pointing.
In its implementation, this educational game uses point cloud ($P) recognizer algorithm developed by [23], because the $P recognizer has fast computing and high accuracy.
[24] developed $1 recognizer, a 2-D unistroke recognizer designed for rapid prototyping of gesture-based user interfaces.
M&C Associates provides voice solutions supported by the LumenVox Speech Recognizer (ASR) and Text-To-Speech Server (TTS) on the Avaya IVR platforms, and also on Genesys and Cisco platforms.
Historically, embedded speech has faced the following constraints: Usage behavior cannot be monitored and audio is not logged; the vehicle's CPU processing and memory is quite limited, even today; infotainment systems continue to evolve and become more complex to control; and updating the recognizer is not practical after a new car is sold.
The start/stopRecognizeDevice method accepts as input parameters the dev_id, that is, the device identifier and the name of the stream to be recognized; the saveRecognizer method allows saving a Recognizer instance into a binary format.