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Synonyms for recognize

Synonyms for recognize

to perceive to be identical with something held in the memory


to establish the identification of

to express recognition of

Synonyms for recognize

accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority

Related Words

be fully aware or cognizant of

grant credentials to

express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for

exhibit recognition for (an antigen or a substrate)

Related Words

show approval or appreciation of

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[twitter-tweet]Netherlands recognizes Gaza, West Bank as official birthplaces for Palestinians ( ( #Palestine
Bill receives only stock in exchange for the cash and appreciated property he transferred to the corporation; thus, he recognizes no gain on the transfer.
Additional paid-in capital 595 (To adjust current tax expense and taxes payable to recognize the current accounting tax benefit upon exercise of options) If all the same facts as above hold true except the options expire unexercised, there would be no deduction on the company's tax return.
The Supreme Court recognizes the need for law enforcement to search in the face of an emergency (4) or incident to arrest, (5) following the lawful seizure of property to inventory its contents, (6) based on the voluntary consent of a party who has authority over the property, and pursuant to the motor vehicle exception.
Nearly everyone acknowledges that executives must be able to recognize their own mistakes and minimize the costs of their missteps.
The proposed Interpretation would require an enterprise to presume that the relevant taxing authority will, during an audit, evaluate a tax position taken or to be taken when assessing whether to recognize the benefit of a tax position.
Although the disciples cannot recognize the stranger, they have understood (in part) the message of Jesus by welcoming a stranger in need into their house.
Indeed, our legal system does recognize a number of economic rights--notably, the right to a free public education, the right to a public defender in a criminal case, and the right to emergency medical care.
The company's philanthropy paid off by helping PCM recognize the additional opportunities for recycling that existed in its operations.
Denmark will now legally recognize marriages performed by the religious group Forn Sidr, or "Old Custom;' which worships Thor, Odin, Freya, and other Norse gods, the Associated Press reports (November 5, 2003).
Recognize that just because a staff member is certified does not guarantee competency in and on the water.
When Cheri Goldstein and Holly Perdue asked officials in Mississippi to recognize the out-of-state adoption of their 5-year-old son, Taliesin, they were denied.
Despite its well-meaning concern to recognize the needs of the neglected other and remedy suffering, much postmodern theology has lost the sense of urgent and personal crisis so eloquently and painfully testified to in Soloveitchik's essay.
And a failure to recognize market differences can have consequences.
Investigators quickly confirmed that TLRs in mammals help innate immune cells recognize pathogens.