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Synonyms for reclusion

the act of secluding or the state of being secluded

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The exclusion should also apply to bar GCTA for those convicted and sentenced to two (2) or more penalties of reclusion perpetua.
"Initiatives such as these which we are conducting today are essential antidotes to cultural insecurity and reclusion which affect our societies both in the north and the south of the Mediterranean", HRH Princess noted.
Le jeune soldat risquait la reclusion criminelle a perpetuite s'il avait ete reconnu coupable d'avoir aide l'ennemi, en l'occurrence Al-Qaida, en transmettant 700.000 documents confidentiels au site qui les a publies.
In ancient China no form of protest was more highly regarded than reclusion.
Whisenhunt was convicted in November 2001 for the murder of Castillo and was sentenced to serve life imprisonment (reclusion perpetua), or 25 years in jail.
His perspectives are born and bred to be a ruler, gentlemanly style: Xiao Tong's literary inclination, writing for the crown prince: worthy with words, Xiao Tong's encounters with Buddhism, and pondering on reclusion and rulership.
En este contexto, Ayuso retorna la terminologia del dramaturgo mismo (capitulo II) para desarrollar tres "nucleos dramaticos", la reclusion (III), el juicio (IV) y el duelo o enfrentamiento (V), los cuales ilustran el proposito del analisis existencialista de la obra.
The outing was the seventh public appearance for the former Cuban leader in three weeks after a long period of reclusion, but he did not attend the main event and speeches marking the national holiday.
El derecho a la presuncion de inocencia se quebranta en la medida en que se mezcla a los sindicados con los condenados y no se establecen condiciones especiales, mas benevolas, para la reclusion de los primeros.