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Synonyms for recluse

Synonyms for recluse

solitary and shut off from society


Synonyms for recluse

one who lives in solitude

withdrawn from society

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This business of setting up a petty shop is almost the only resource of women, in circumstances at all similar to those of our unfortunate recluse.
Clare's life at the dairy had been that of a recluse in respect the world of his own class.
It was founded many ages ago by a holy recluse who lived at first in a cave in the rock--a cave which is inclosed in the convent walls, now, and was reverently shown to us by the priests.
The recluse thinks of men as having his manner, or as not having his manner; and as having degrees of it, more and less.
It is the recluse of the Tour-Roland," they exclaimed, with wild laughter, "it is the sacked nun who is scolding
said the governor, forcing a laugh; "who would believe that a compulsory recluse, a man as though in the very jaws of death, could have committed crimes so numerous, and so long to tell of?
I see by thy quest of this same holy recluse that thou art a good young man and most reverent to the cloth.
Macmillan's collected edition of the poet's works, with the first book of The Recluse, now published for the first time, and of an excellent introductory essay by Mr.
It was Father Sergius's sixth year as a recluse, and he was now forty-nine.
Except at such times as he saw Ruth, or dropped in to see his sister Gertude, he lived a recluse, in each day accomplishing at least three days' labor of ordinary men.
He gave little to life, asked little of life, and, in the show business, was a recluse in the very heart of life.
Not only so, but he had withdrawn himself almost altogether from social life and become a recluse.
asked Alleyne, to whom the archer's light gossip had all the relish that the words of the man of action have for the recluse.
He meant in three books to give his opinions on Man, Nature, and Society, and the whole was to be called The Recluse.
It never occurred to her that he might be found in the shy, dreamy recluse of Golden Milestone.