reclining chair

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an armchair whose back can be lowered and foot can be raised to allow the sitter to recline in it

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The range covers domestic and corporate items, from dining and reclining chairs, cabinets and shelving to boardroom and cafe furniture.
They decided to use the money to buy a reclining chair at Dorothea Ward.
A BOY of eight was killed when he trapped his head while playing on his disabled great-gran's electronic reclining chair.
But she had to wait in a wheelchair and then a reclining chair until 3pm the next day to get a scan to see if she had an appendicitis.
Q WHILE in Courts furnishers I tripped over a reclining chair that had been left open.
A FRIEND of mine who is an OAP tells everyone she's off to have a nap in her new "recycling chair" instead of saying her reclining chair.
Raymond Lawson, 53, denies murdering wife Joanna, 38, by setting fire to her mechanised reclining chair.
However, when a chair and ottoman won't do, inevitably, a shy sotto voce request from the husband will come for a reclining chair, while behind his back, the wife shakes her head and makes ugly faces a la "I Love Lucy."
Previously we had travelled at night, with curtains drawn and a five-star suite in which to relax, with double bed, sofa, reclining chair, TV and luxury chocolates.
A man in Birmingham, England, died Friday after an accident involving an electronic reclining chair, ( the Birmingham Mail reported .
Also on Saturday, a fire crew from Nuneaton received a call to a cat trapped under a reclining chair.
Laureen's final days were very distressing and Janet, the home manager, suggested I move to stay in the care home with my wife and a reclining chair was moved into the bedroom.