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Synonyms for recline


Synonyms for recline

to be or place oneself in a prostrate or recumbent position

to take repose, as by sleeping or lying quietly

Synonyms for recline

move the upper body backwards and down

lean in a comfortable resting position


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Nine subjects accessed backrest recline 12 [+ or -] 8 times and spent 76 percent of their time each day in reclined seating positions.
We found that subjects consistently accessed the seating functions throughout the day and spent most of their time in tilted and/or reclined positions; however, most did not reposition themselves as frequently as recommended in the clinical practice guideline [28].
In 1988, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) conducted a study that confirmed the danger of reclined seats.
They have neither adequately warned motorists about the danger nor manufactured seats that are safe when reclined.
Many people used the trick of spilling drinks on their fellow travellers to amuse themselves but a very cunning way to make your front-row flier mind her reclined seat is to pull it in front time and again, pretending it to be your handhold and a leverage to stand up.
Some out-of-the-track ideas can be either to use broadsheet newspapers, which obviously would fall over the reclined seat in front causing annoyance for the passenger, or to cough and spray mist on snoring passengers.
The fight broke out an hour before the plane was due to land in Heathrow after a man on the Boeing 747, carrying 290 passengers from Lagos in Nigeria, reclined his seat.
A spokesman for British Airways said: "An altercation developed between two men when one reclined his seat on to the other.
Which costs less: taking the time to teach your staff proper positioning of residents and making sure they follow through, or allowing your residents to sit in wrong-sized wheelchairs, be positioned poorly while in bed, or be allowed to lie in a reclined gerichair until they roll up into a contracted ball?