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Synonyms for recline


Synonyms for recline

to be or place oneself in a prostrate or recumbent position

to take repose, as by sleeping or lying quietly

Synonyms for recline

move the upper body backwards and down

lean in a comfortable resting position


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The actual recline on a plane is so small, it does nothing," said another passenger.
The airways also made it clear that the seats will not be completely upright, but will have a gentle recline for comfort.
Newborns need seats that recline to a near flat position until they have head control and can sit up on their own.
For the reconfigured A330s, PAL selected the Thompson Vantage XL brand for its 18 business class seats with a legroom of 44 inches, width of 23-24 inches and a full-flat recline with a bed length of 78 inches.
The highly adjustable frame seats users from 4 feet to 6 feet 3 inches, and 6 different levels of recline allow for a custom, comfortable fit.
On board, the 20in wide seats are in a 2-4-2 configuration in a dedicated, semi-private cabin and come with a 38in pitch, 8in recline and good touchscreen TV.
In the wake of this year's headline examples of in-flight fights spurred by perceived legroom violations, the survey reveals that 32% of men do not recline their seat, compared with 38% of women.
Your flight's only 80 minutes long, why do you need to recline your seat?
Some Soldiers have figured out that you can recline the HMMWV commander's seat by removing bolts, resulting in a more comfortable ride.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 16, 2014-Seat recline abusers top "passenger from hell" survey