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classify anew, change the previous classification

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While dismissing the petition, which argued that there was no "rational basis" for the Congress to classify Marijuana under Schedule I, Judge Alkin K Hellerstein said, "By framing their claim in terms of the statutory factors outlined in Section 8 l 2(b) (1), plaintiffs' lawsuit is best understood as a collateral attack on the various administrative determinations not to reclassify marijuana into a different drug schedule."
The Indian central bank has said that it will allow commercial banks in India to reclassify some loans.
The case against Shyp was filed before the company announced it was going to reclassify its contractors as employees.
The agency said supporting evidence to reclassify EPPG devices includes a low reporting of serious adverse events to the FDA's Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience database, as well as a low rate of postmarket recalls.
Consequently, the GASB envisioned that governments would reclassify some "assets" as deferred outflows of resources and some "liabilities" as deferred inflows of resources.
receives approval to reclassify outstanding shares of common stock(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
Dr Blackman Woods introduced a Private Members' Bill seeking to reclassify lap dancing clubs as "sex encounter establishments", which gives councils more power to control numbers and locations.
A BID to reclassify the Welsh Assembly Government's investment bank, Finance Wales, as a private entity, has left a question mark over its current funding from the European Investment Bank.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who has admitted smoking cannabis at university, decided to reclassify the drug because of fears over its impact on the mental health of young people.
Some of the new chemical treatment systems are entering the market with very little scrutiny from regulators, while one of the most promising treatment alternatives, TimberSIL, is the target of a campaign by the industry to get regulators to reclassify it as a toxic chemical--even though it isn't toxic."
Therefore, it was not substantially justified for the IRS to reclassify these independent contractors as employees.
The United States, through its Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Department of Interior, and Bureau of Land Management, had attempted to reclassify the Pine Creek Ranch in central Nevada as public land, and thereby take the ranch without compensation to the owner, Wayne Hage.
A cost segregation study is an IRS-accepted methodology to identify, separate and reclassify project related costs to shorter, accelerated life than that required for the building itself.