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classify anew, change the previous classification

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According to Cortez, reclassified areas were mostly used for subdivision projects owned by private land developers.
According to 2015 WHO criteria, tumors positive for adenocarcinoma markers (TTF-1 or napsin A) were reclassified as ADC-S, whereas cases positive for squamous cell carcinoma markers (p40 or CK5 + DSG3) were reclassified as NK-SQCC.
Operators can fill out a one-page request that a well be reclassified, based on how much gas is coming out of the ground.
The taxpayer pays 10% of the employment tax liability that would have been due on compensation paid to the workers being reclassified for the most recent tax year (determined under the reduced rates of Sec.
Its PS150million housing benefit budget could be cut if Freud carries out his threat, experts claim, because it has already reclassified a number of rooms.
One of the largest housing associations, Knowsley Housing Trust in Merseyside, has reclassified more than 500 bedrooms to beat the tax.
Summary: Superstorm Sandy, which was reclassified after starting as a hurricane, has killed at least 50 people.
This present study focused on ELL students who were reclassified around the time they finished elementary school (specifically students reclassified at Grades 4, 5, or 6) and attempted to examine whether the reclassification decisions used for these students are valid and supportive of their subsequent learning.
At the same time, the GASB reserved to itself the determination of which specific items should be so reclassified.
This is the third attempt via petition to have marijuana reclassified, and each has failed.
said its main banking subsidiary, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, signed a nonbinding letter of intent to sell about $500 million (book value) in construction and commercial real-estate loans, part of a portfolio of about $603 million (book value) in construction, commercial real-estate and land loans that were reclassified as loans-held-for-sale as of Dec.
The changes would mean lap dancing clubs and other premises providing adult entertainment would be reclassified as 'sexual entertainment venues'.
By adding CIMT and the presence or absence of atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries to traditional risk factors, the researchers reclassified 23 percent of the participants into different risk categories, Specifically, they noted that nearly 62 percent of those reclassified from intermediate risk (5-20 percent estimated 10-year heart disease risk) were moved to a lower-risk group.
The Welsh Assembly Government has been in discussions with the Treasury with a view to having Finance Wales reclassified as being in the private sector - which would see the pounds 97m effectively being taken off WAG's balance sheet as a cost The decision on reclassification will be made by the Office for National Statistics and is expected shortly.
Pengrowth Energy Trust (TSX: PGF.A, PGF.B; NYSE: PGH), a Canada-based holding company that acquires and develops oil and natural gas properties and processing facilities through its subsidiary Pengrowth Corporation, has elected to be reclassified as a corporation.