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Synonyms for reckon

Synonyms for reckon

to note (items) one by one so as to get a total

to ascertain by mathematics

to calculate approximately

to look upon in a particular way

to take for granted without proof

reckon on: to place trust or confidence in

Synonyms for reckon

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But Kearney reckons he saw enough from Monday night's defeat to Kilmarnock to believe that Saints will continue to pick up points.
Delme reckons the Tongans will win by just four points, with Matt predicting the USA will push Samoa to within five.
York said: "I reckon it would be great to go on a good run in the cup, I've never been on a run in the cup before with any team, so it will be nice to get some big teams coming to Wrexham that'll be different for me, "A game is a game, you want to go out and win it no matter what.
They reckon they can do it while keeping all their green commitments.
Byline: Matt Williams reckons Blazing Bailey is the each-way value against Punchestowns
Seventeen per cent reckoned that playing the Stock Exchange is the best bet.
The judges reckon that the Celica is more than up to the job, whilst continuing to offer the same stunning looks for which it won instant acclaim when first launched.
They reckon he's lookin' forra big 'owse in Owton Manor.
She laments that some states didn't "begin to criminalize wife-beating" until the late 19th century and even then that most women "were left simply to forgive and try to forget." Yet nowhere does O'Connor reckon with her vote on grounds of federalism to strike down the Violence Against Women Act, which gave women assaulted because of their gender the right to sue in federal court.
In the wreckage of the Clinton presidency, then, may lie the opportunity to reckon with these and other mass hallucinations of the age.
Statements about the centrality of nationhood do not noticeably stand out in contemporary letters and recollections, if these qualitative and quantitative profiles are correct.(1) Nor does Royster reckon with such putative cultural determinants as the Celtic factor, which some have claimed affected the battlefield behavior--and rates of carnage--among offensive-minded, hard-charging Southerners.(2) There is nothing on the massive size of Civil War armies, both as a reflection of Napoleon's utilization of the levee en masse and as a source of the Civil War's incredible scale of destruction.
The side under-achieved terribly, fans voted with their feet by not going to games and 20 per cent of those taking part in our survey reckon the final whistle being blown was the biggest highlight!