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Synonyms for reckon

Synonyms for reckon

to note (items) one by one so as to get a total

to ascertain by mathematics

to calculate approximately

to look upon in a particular way

to take for granted without proof

reckon on: to place trust or confidence in

Synonyms for reckon

References in classic literature ?
I reckon they've forgot his real name long before this.
Jim," says he, "I reckon we're fouled, you and me, and we'll have to sign articles.
They had starved to death, I reckon, and left only little piles of bones scattered some here and there.
Well, being the night-born, I reckon I was their rightful heir.
I had one husband, only--him I call the Ox; and I reckon he's still down in Juneau running the hash-joint.
Course he brews up most of it for himself, but I reckon that don't make it any easier to bear.
The side under-achieved terribly, fans voted with their feet by not going to games and 20 per cent of those taking part in our survey reckon the final whistle being blown was the biggest highlight
Obviously I prefer a licence to be a bit more forward, because I reckon that's where I am a bit more effective, but obviously if I have to fit in and get into a shape for the team that's what I am going to do because it's more important.
Theirs may be diamond but we reckon this silver, cubic zirconia Florence DiamonFlash accessory, slashed from PS99 to PS39, from jeweller Warren James is just as stylish.
And they reckon they can do it without jeopardising the support already available to low-income families.
We have a lot of whippets back in Ireland and obviously the indigenous boys are very quick and skilful, so I reckon that'd make for a very good game.
Reckon has started its newly-named Reckon Accounts personal range of software.
I reckon the moistness in John's eyes was real as he said farewell.
If you have stamina, and I reckon Quwetwo has plenty, forcing tactics tend to work better over the longer trip and he will get picked up by specialist two milers in the Supreme Novices'.
Thirty nine per cent of respondents reckon they suffer the same level of pressure as two years ago with 40 per cent saying it was either more pressurised or considerably more pressurised.