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  • verb

Synonyms for recite

Synonyms for recite

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for recite

recite in elocution

render verbally, "recite a poem"


Related Words

narrate or give a detailed account of

specify individually

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Some Lane County jurisdictions regularly recite the pledge at their meetings.
First, both are surprised at the fact that Jewish women did not recite birkhat ha-gomel.
Forcing the children and people to unfurl the national flag and recite the national anthem on August 15 is not a good idea because it should come from the heart and not being forced on," he said.
The fact that Recite Me was chosen as part of the delegation shows that the British and Chinese governments are starting to take web accessibility seriously.
Debi Farr, R-Eugene, said she decided to support the bill after she was assured that it stated clearly that students would not be forced to recite the pledge.
Under the category of Hifz, competition were held to recite 1 to 5 para of the Holy Quran.
Competitions like Tech As Stars and Hatch Pitch aim to give exciting young businesses like Recite the opportunity to raise our profile and establish a market presence," added Linnett.
Women should have the right to recite the Holy Quran in public," said Souad Saleh, a well-known woman Muslim preacher.
Daily, schoolchildren recite this pledge, for what better way is there to teach patriotism.
The ACLJ filed an amicus brief on behalf of 68 members of Congress and more than 260,300 Americans - including approximately 2,600 school-age children, many of whom attend public schools and desire to recite the Pledge.
He launched Gateshead-based web accessibility business Recite two years ago to develop a system so people with dyslexia could read a computer screen better.
He expressed happiness to be able to recite his grandfather Harivansh Rai Bachchan's poems along with other family members for the first time.
Byline: Poets recite work about poverty, the hijab, personal suffering and pride for the nation
In early September, my 5-year-old daughter came home from school and showed us how she had learned to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
PALMDALE - Palmdale youngsters are learning how to make scenery, put on theater makeup, recite their lines and create a convincing character on stage in a new city theater camp.