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Synonyms for recital

Synonyms for recital

the act of giving an account describing incidents or a course of events

performance of music or dance especially by soloists

a public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance

a detailed statement giving facts and figures

Related Words

a detailed account or description of something

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Highlights of the new season include a special recital by Dr Simon Lindley of Leeds Cathedral, plus songs from the show, on Thursday, May 1.
The Claravall School of Classical Ballet, under the tutelage of its founder, Marilinda Claravall, presented a great recital that showed professionalism right from the very first dance.
These four compilations of piano solos are a continuation of Alfred Music's Recital Suite Series.
The faculty are all concert pianists at the very top of their professions, hailing from all around the world, all of whom give recitals and master classes throughout the week.
After 15 years, the regular series of piano recitals at the almshouses in Kirkleatham in East Cleveland come to end next month.
The final recital on Saturday October 5 will mark the anniversary of the installation of the Lillington organ in 1936 - the current organist, Michael King, will perform.
The Istanbul Recitals will begin with a concert of French pianist Eric Le Sage on October 7.
I have been fortunate to collaborate with many students over the years, creating numerous recitals for them to perform.
Recitals combine sculpture with live music/text oriented rituals that attempt to recover and reenact the actual tenor of the subjects concerned via a symbolic abstraction emblematic of their earthly lives and deeds.
The lunchtime recitals will be given by various distinguished musicians during the autumn/winter period using the 99-year-old organ at Walsall Town Hall.
Three recitals are scheduled this week at the University of Oregon School of Music, 961 E.
So does the uncommon charisma she exhibits at recitals - one of which the Los Angeles Opera is presenting tomorrow night at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
Gaston Hall is a lovely small auditorium that seats perhaps 250 souls, making it perfect for recitals, with gold and dark-hued wooden paneling heightening the hall's intimacy.
DURING Ruthin festival this week there will be a series of recitals in The Collegiate Church of St Peter in Ruthin.
From September, she will be involved in a series of masterclasses, workshops and recitals with the students.