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Synonyms for recital

Synonyms for recital

the act of giving an account describing incidents or a course of events

performance of music or dance especially by soloists

a public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance

a detailed statement giving facts and figures

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a detailed account or description of something

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Organ recitals A NEW season of the popular lunchtime organ recitals in the historic Halifax Minster begins on Thursday, March 1, when visitors can enjoy a concert by Wakefield Cathedral organist Tom Moore, as well as sandwiches, homemade cakes and hot or cold drinks.
The recital, held last May 28 at the Theatre at Solaire, presented her students from both the Paranaque main studio and from the British School of Manila, who danced like seasoned performers.
The recital will conclude with a series of works written in France during the so-called Belle Eepoque enriched with the folkloric musical traditions of both Greece and Spain.
These collections are a great addition to your Recital Suite Series library.
Pianist Stephen Kovacevich will give |a recital at Bangor in August 2015
The final piano recital will feature Stefan Cassomenos of Australia.
30pm Welsh pianist Llyr Williams heads the line-up for the day's celebrations with a Gala Centenary Recital which recalls the recital Britten gave at the musuem in 1967.
The final recital on Saturday October 5 will mark the anniversary of the installation of the Lillington organ in 1936 - the current organist, Michael King, will perform.
The idea of a bibliographic instruction recital came to me when I was commiserating with some colleagues about how many students (not just of music) seem not to pay close attention when being taught how to use the library, research more efficiently, or any other number of subjects.
AN international Urdu and Hindi poetry recital will be held tomorrow at the Cultural Hall, next to Bahrain National Museum.
film - "Girl Crazy" (MGM, 1943), Shedd Recital Hall, 285 E.
This will be the fifth recital organized in the name of Claude Achille Debussy, who lived between 1862 and 1918.
THE appeal ruling in the Kieren Fallon-Native Khan case in effect hit every ordinary racing enthusiast who backed Recital to win the Derby because Fallon was booked to ride.
The recital showcased the talents of the college faculty members Teresa Crane, Peter Hussey, Susan Parton Stanard, Pauline Stillwell, Barbara Kramer, Christopher Eubank, Jamie Mills and special guests Marta Simidtchieva, Christine Banda, Jennifer Heckler, Angela Mitchell and Daniel Dickson, and the Lewis and Clark Community College Percussion Ensemble.
When I was actively performing recitals, I enjoyed the process of program building almost as much as singing the recital.