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(law) the act of rescinding

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The company rejected this demand, and therefore Hueros brought an action before the Court of First Instance in Badajoz, seeking recission of the contract of sale and reimbursement of the purchase price.
Was the insurer (who at the time avoided the policy in good faith) allowed to maintain the recission after the true facts came to light: does the principle of good faith apply equally to the insurer?
See Guemple, supra note 51, at 10, 14-15, 24 (noting that once a child had been given in adoption, revocation or recission was normally not available, even where the child was ill-treated).
The recent surge of shareholder and securities litigation against corporations and their directors and officers, along with the unprecedented amount of D&O claims flowing from this litigation, has led insurers to more actively seek recission (retroactive cancellation) of current D&O policies where the insured has misrepresented the financial condition of the corporation during the policy application process.
Recission of revocation of Separate election statement.
Opposing SB 1220 and HB 1551 which would require sellers of real property to disclose to buyers all deed restrictions on the property, and giving the buyer a recission right if the disclosures are not made.
The Court found that, as the mother had not been permanently evicted, no condition of the contract had been broken and recission was therefore not appropriate.
The reason for the recission was that 'Jay County Landfill, Inc.
191) In case of nonconformity, a consumer may request recission, repair, reduction in price, or replacement.
29, 46-51 (1983) (finding the NHTSA's recission of passive restraint vehicle safety requirements "arbitrary and capricious" in part because of the NHTSA's failure to consider available airbag technology as an alternative).
Then, in 1984, only after the Supreme Court held that the recission of safety standard 208 had been arbitrary,(12) did NHTSA issue what the Geier Court termed a temporary regulation.
1999) (explaining that if the plaintiff proves fraud, recission would be an improper remedy because the parties would not be placed in their pre-sale positions).
He also clarified the recission of $718,000 in HUD's Drug Elimination Grant in the 1999 appropriations, claiming that HUD lacked the legal authority to use Public Housing Drug Elimination Grant funds for the gun buy-back program when it was first initiated.
The moratorium (which lasted about one year) and a recission of $1.
714 (1986), the Court invalidated the legislative veto and the automatic recission device of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings law because they unconstitutionally vested executive functions outside the executive branch.