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Synonyms for reciprocation

Synonyms for reciprocation

the act of making or doing something in return

alternating back-and-forth movement

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To characterize the heating behavior of canned particulates in this retort, the researchers filled the cans with a single nylon particle, in an unlimited heat transfer condition, in glycerin, and processed it under different operating temperatures: 110 C and 130 C; at from 0 to 240 reciprocations per minute; and at different amplitudes ranging from 0 cm to 25 cm.
Beginning with an explanation of why everything is negotiable and how to overcome a discomfort towards engaging in negotiation, Tracy showcases six distinct styles of negotiation, and provides expert commentary on the key to persuasion by reciprocation, knowing when and how to terminate a negotiation, and a great deal more.
Shanaya and Rohan are childhood sweethearts but Abhi's attraction for his best friend's girlfriend and Shanaya's quiet reciprocation causes a rift in their friendship.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)-Tehran's Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danayeefar urged Iraqi officials to avoid inspecting Iranian airplanes to Syrian destinations, warning Baghdad of Iran's reciprocation.
As a Welshman I would love to have been able to assure them that if the roles had been reversed, they would have received complete reciprocation from the Welsh supporters, but this would have been a huge lie.
As a Welshman, I would love to have told them that, were the roles to be reversed, there would have been massive reciprocation from the Welsh fans, but this would have been a huge lie.
Though both claims look like harassment in reciprocation, there is more to the picture than meets the eye.
Similarly, a Pakistani delegation will also visit Iran in reciprocation.
The OTW-3000 series also comes with a 10 HP servo-drive reciprocation system that allows for infinitely-variable stroke speeds to 100 feet per minute.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel who was in the Greek Cypriot side said, "Southern Cyprus did all within its reach for a solution but could not find reciprocation.
Networking has to be a two-way process: it is no good always being needy because your contacts will quickly tire of the lack of reciprocation and your diary will start to empty.
Le Monde now makes claim that France's support for Hosni is little more than diplomatic reciprocation, in an article entitled "Egyptian campaign for UNESCO.
He goes on to recommend some inexpensive options for utilizing e-mail marketing, media relations, interactive Web sites and blogs, search marketing, link reciprocation, targeted advertising, social media activity, networking and ("Not happening
Among their topics are the neurophysiology of early motor resonance, hierarchically organized mirroring processes in social cognition, from imitation to reciprocation and mutual recognition, and the role of mirror neuron dysfunction in autism.