reciprocating engine

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an internal-combustion engine in which the crankshaft is turned by pistons moving up and down in cylinders

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4bn in distributed power technology and has been rapidly expanding its reciprocating engines offerings-particularly its diesel engine technologies-to meet the on-site power, heating and environmental priorities of the oil and gas sector and other key industries.
The Airec Cross 30 heat exchanger will be fitted to the exhaust system of a stationary reciprocating engine at a metropolitan Perth public hospital.
And Wolfgang Warnecke of Shell suggests the picture is unlikely to change for 20 or 30 years; progress of the reciprocating engine will continue relentlessly as "new" fuels are found to keep the pistons moving ("Smog alert," PE July).
A total of 6389 reciprocating engines above 500 kW were reported in this year for a total output of 70,095 MW.
The jet engine replaced the piston or reciprocating engine that had powered propeller planes, enabling planes to fly at much higher altitudes and at greater speeds.
In a reciprocating engine, the cylinders are the chambers in which the pistons move back and forth; pistons pump, cylinders sit.
A gas turbine, or possibly a gas reciprocating engine, fueled by run-of-the-mine coal (coal not specially treated), is proposed by Brobeck Corp.
The power plant will feature a reciprocating engine technology to be configured to offer flexible, fast-start power to city-owned utility Denton Municipal Electric Utilities.
The facility will feature reciprocating engine technology configured to provide flexible, fast-start power to Denton Municipal Electric Utilities, as the city-owned utility progressively integrates more renewable power resources into its network.
Friedrichshafen, Germany-based RRPS, former Tognum AG, is a top global player in reciprocating engine, as well as propulsion and distributed energy systems, with some 11,000 employees.
Global power systems company Rolls-Royce has announced a $22m contract to supply eight Bergen B32:40 16v reciprocating engine generator sets to Baraka Patenga Power Limited in Bangladesh.
Leaving aside the very low power by modern standards of a class 5 steam locomotive, ff it is intended to use modem technology for this how is it that a reciprocating engine, unable to efficiently use high-steam temperatures and never fully balanced, is proposed rather than a turbine?
The advanced natural gas reciprocating engine is a new or upgraded internal combustion reciprocating piston engine that produces standby, emergency and peaking power for light manufacturing plants, stores, schools and office complexes.
Gas transmission applications are typically powered by a reciprocating engine fueled by natural gas.
As pressure from regulatory bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency increases, companies need to focus on improving conventional reciprocating engine technology and also accelerate the commercialization of fuel cells [(FCs)], which is touted as 'no emission' technology," said F&S senior industry analyst K.