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The interacting determinants of the triadic reciprocality model influence each other bidirectionally (Bandura, 1986).
Specifically, we used Bandura's (1986) social cognitive model of triadic reciprocality as the basis for exploring how the three interacting elements of (a) external environmental factors (contextual barriers and supports), (b) personal attributes (e.
The favored concept of interaction in social learning theory is triadic reciprocality, in which behavior, cognitive and internal activities or personal factors, and external environmental influences are viewed as interdependent determinants that influence each other bidrectionally (Bandura, 1985).
Chinese Premier Li Kipiang undertook the visit to Pakistan on 22-23 May and reciprocality Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif proceeded on a six-day official visit to Beijing from 3-8 July.
SCCT also recognizes what Bandura (1989) called triadic reciprocality, in which personal attributes (internal cognitive and affective states), physical attributes (external environmental factors), and overt behaviors or actions all function as mechanisms affecting each other in varying ways.
In a classroom setting, the factors in the triadic reciprocality (personal, behavioural and environmental factors), typically interact (Bandura, 1997; Schunk, Pintrich, & Meece, 2010).
We have seen how L'Argent's narrator tweaks the anti-Semitic Saccard for hypocritically railing against "Jewish" behavior he himself exhibits (a reciprocality reinforced by the fact that, as Mitterand proposes, Saccard's adventures may also have been inspired by those of the disgraced Jewish bankers Jules-Isaac Mires and Emile and Isaac Pereire [1237-38]).
The links between educational achievement and non-cognitive characteristics (such as interest in learning and self-evaluation) have been research objects for a long time: reports have been written analyzing the reciprocality of attitudinal characteristics (e.
In turn, the personal attachment will result in concerns about the welfare of partners, the feeling of reciprocality and reciprocal forbearance, (Child and Mollering 2003).
Dominance, selection and switching on the one side (CST/CSP), interpenetration, reciprocality and sweeping-in on the other (UST), the contrast is stark indeed.
breaking the fetters of our enculturation betraying our lives' work to step out, to speak confidentially of the unspoken, the fear and even now, here, this moment, to share deeply the complexity, the layering, the artful design of our own learning space, the reciprocality of sharing our learning and in doing, our research becoming pedagogy, a parallaxic praxis of the possibilities "That is not because definitive knowledge is non-existent, but because, at least in the perspectives here, definitive knowledge (such as about what, for example, "works") as an ultimate goal distracts from the more crucial goal of continuously evolving knowledge models that are progressively useful in advancing learning" says Eric Hamilton.
Through the Looking Glass: Reflexivity, Reciprocality, and Defenestration in Hitchcock's Rear Window.
Since learning history and the reciprocal role of emotion and thought in behavioral causation is critical to the treatment process, rational cognitive emotive behavior therapy (RCEBT), "favors a conception of interaction based on triadic reciprocality, and suggests that behavior, cognitive and other emotional (personal) factors, and environmental influences all operate as interlocking determinants that affect each other bidirectionally" (Bandura, 2004, pg.