reciprocal cross

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hybridization involving a pair of crosses that reverse the sexes associated with each genotype

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The proportion of additive or dominant QTL that were declared as Mend QTL was marginally greater in the one-way cross compared to the reciprocal cross design for all QTL sizes and FD, e.
2] populations were simulated based on two designs: one-way cross and reciprocal cross designs.
2] plants Reciprocal cross ([dagger]) Experiment Yellow Green Total S x SS 1 23 3 26 2 76 6 82 combined 99 9 108 heterogeneity [X.
No fertilization occurred in the reciprocal cross, showing clear asymmetry in fertilization and gamete compatibility.
Here, selfed means self-pollination was applied, and paired means paired without reciprocal cross.
I weighed individually 12 seeds per reciprocal cross per treatment.
At 30 d, the caryopsis from 8x x 4x cross differed in appearance from the seed of the reciprocal cross (4x x 8x).
Negative interactions between G nuclear genes and [V] cytotype cannot be ruled out, although they would be considerably weaker than in the reciprocal cross.
Each reciprocal cross was replicated four times, in each case, using a single male and female.
simulans males, but the reciprocal cross occurring quite freely (table 1, cross 3 vs.
2] seeds of each reciprocal cross and 20 seeds of each parent.
A reciprocal cross was made between A30 and its parent, A89-144026, to evaluate maternal effects and dominance of the alleles that control palmitate content.
The reciprocal cross seed from sib-matings within rows was held in storage.
1] seeds from the reciprocal cross between A27 and Kenwood did not have the palmitate contents that would be expected if maternal effects were expressed (Table 1).
Twelve BC1F1 seeds from the reciprocal cross Cando/P1549276//Cando were grown, which had 2n = 30 (1), 31 (2), 32 (3), 33 (4), and an unknown number of chromosomes (2).