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Synonyms for recipe

Synonyms for recipe

directions for making something


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Users are encouraged to add their own recipes to the online recipe box, and such recipes can be incorporated into their meal plans.
It's time to enter original, innovative recipes in the 27th National Beef Cook-Off, themed Seize Life
Meatless Meals for Working People--Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes ($12) by Debra Wasserman.
The recipe for grilled steak and mango is preceded by a fascinating discussion of the contributions of African women to the cuisine of Brazil and Cuba.
REMEMBER GRANDMA'S SECRET recipe for hot and spicy spaghetti sauce?
com, home of the Web's best branded recipes, is the first recipe website to link every one of its easy dinner recipes for delicious food and quick healthy meals to printable grocery coupons for weekly specials in local grocery stores across America.
Users can follow their favorite blogs in their profile to be sure they never miss a recipe from their favorite blogger.
But that doesn't mean they aren't packed with some tempting and terrific recipes like those in ``50 Great Pasta Sauces'' by Pamela Sheldon Johns (Andrews McMeel Publishing; $14.
I am a chef that focuses on healthy yet decadent eating and from that perspective I am also eager to study the winning recipe in more detail to potentially adapt it toward the nutritious guidelines that our country is moving towards.
Some of the contests are one-time opportunities, but many of them are ongoing contests that can be entered multiple times," said Doug Crichton, Recipe.
95), a revised edition from the folks at Cook's Illustrated magazine, arrived a few days ago, and ``The Gourmet Cookbook'' (Houghton Mifflin; $40) was reissued in August with a 45-minute recipe DVD.
That tradition of sharing recipes orally evolved into the swapping of recipe cards, and then, community cookbooks.
The first part lists custom rubber mixers along with plant locations, equipment, mixing capabilities and whether technical service and/or recipe development is offered.
com, a passionate online culinary community that shares recipes, culinary insights and discussions about food and its social connections, today announced the top five finalists and their recipes for the inaugural Treasured Recipe Contest cook-off.
What makes a ``best'' recipe -- and who gets to decide the best?