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Synonyms for recidivist

someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior)

someone who lapses into previous undesirable patterns of behavior

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The complaint demonstrates the Commissions vigilance in enforcing its orders and dealing with recidivist violators, said Michele Wein Layne, Director of the SECs Los Angeles Regional Office.
In its review of firms' supervisory procedures for the hiring and retaining of "statutorily disqualified and recidivist brokers," FINRA is probing whether firms are reviewing "reasonably available public records to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in an applicant's Form U4.
As per Article 96, if the recidivist has been previously sentenced to two custodial penalties, both of them for at least one year or with three custodial penalties one of which for at least one year for theft, fraud, breach of trust, forgery, receiving crime proceeds or the attempt of any such offences, then it appeared that he subsequently perpetrated one of the said offences or attempted the same, on which he was sentenced after he was convicted for the last of the said penalties, the court may issue a judgment imposing imprisonment for a term of less than three years and not exceeding seven years.
Hypothesis 2: Significant differences will exist in both explicit and implicit aggression among groups of young migrant nonoffenders, onset-offenders, and recidivist offenders.
Table 5 provides a summary of the social and demographic characteristics of Pacific recidivist offenders.
It means that an a posteriori probability calculation was made, once it had been verified which participants were recidivist and nonrecidivist.
On suspicion of committing robbery, a recidivist was detained in Bishkek, the press service of the police department of the capital reported on May 19.
Andrew demonstrated an interest in criminal law during his time at Duke, and his note, Crossing the Line: An Analysis of Problems with Classifying Recidivist Misdemeanor Offenses as Felonies, provides a critical examination of Alaska's recidivist laws.
Renowned rehab recidivist Lindsay's alarming staff shortage emerged after she hired an essential second assistant to add to the enormous entourage that every twobit outofwork actress must have.
2006), this is the first time that a comparison between primaries and recidivist offenders has been conducted.
The accused shall hand over to this poor unfortunate recidivist his car, house and all its contents, including his wife.
As the waves lap against the beach and the seasons wax and wane, so has a French court found the Cameroonian actor, comedian, and recidivist bigot Dieudonne M'bala M'bala guilty of defamation, libel, and incitement to hatred and racial discrimination.
BNA) -- A thirty-five year old recidivist has today died after suffering horrendous burns.
Churchill is the polar bear capital of the world: so casually do the beasts intrude that the town runs a Polar Bear Alert programme under which recidivist bears are incarcerated in a purpose-built jail and repeat offenders are helicoptered far away.
The criminal acts for which he was convicted on March 12, 2013, clearly speak of a career recidivist who merits severe punishment and lengthy incarceration to protect the public," Mr.