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Synonyms for recidivism

a slipping from a higher or better condition to a lower or poorer one

Words related to recidivism

habitual relapse into crime

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Dubbed the "what works" literature, these studies have helped identify programs that have proved to be successful in improving outcomes such as recidivism, prison misconduct, and post-release employment.
Research done by the National Center for DUI Courts found that DUI Courts reduce DUI recidivism and general criminal recidivism, while returning substantial cost savings to taxpayers in the form of reduced incarceration costs.
(14) found that among demographic variables younger age, male gender and single marital status were predictors of recidivism. A second meta-analysis by Bonta et al.
To contain the recidivism rates, Trump administration reviewed and monitored policies of states like Kansas and Kentucky, which have improved prison reformation systems.
Per BJS's most recent recidivism study that tracked offenders released from prison in 30 states in 2005, approximately 12 percent of releases had two or fewer prior arrests, while 43 percent had 10 or more.
Overall, the meta-analysis showed a "significant, negative, and small effect of mental health court participation on recidivism" (d, -0.20; 95% confidence interval, -2.9 to -.
So, according to the scheme I approved, the government would pay bondholders if the project cut youth recidivism by 7.5 percent.
Without positive social skills, recidivism is likely.
deterrent effect that reduces recidivism. Scholars, however, have
Recidivism was higher for males than females and for younger age groups.
Abstract This paper provides an exploratory analysis into factors contributing to differences across states in recidivism rates.
To date, most scholars and theorists have focused their attention upon the risk factors that contribute to delinquency, such as poverty, illiteracy, and genetics, while mostly overlooking parental supervision as a factor that impacts the recidivism rate of juvenile offenders.
Department of Justice to help Worcester County reduce recidivism rates is sure to rekindle the ongoing debate over incarceration and rehabilitation.
Editors Roberts and von Hirsch have compiled twelve essays on the subject, examining topics such as: recidivism, retributivism, first-offender sentencing discounts, the relevance of prior convictions in sentencing, dimensions of criminal history, and the impact of sentencing on recidivism.