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Synonyms for recidivism

a slipping from a higher or better condition to a lower or poorer one

Words related to recidivism

habitual relapse into crime

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The best way to make progress in reducing recidivism is through the delivery of programming shown to be effective in reducing reoffending.
To what extent would the recidivism rate be reduced by such an increase in programming?
So, according to the scheme I approved, the government would pay bondholders if the project cut youth recidivism by 7.
Because of this, the criminal justice system must start a conversation Education is the fundamental prerequisite for development and change concerning the effects and factors that lead to America's recidivism quandary.
It aims to provide information for criminal justice practitioners, policy makers, and legislators in helping them identify potential solutions to reducing recidivism among juveniles by implementing supervisory-based community programs.
Despite high populations in facilities aimed at correction, it is unclear whether incarcerated individuals truly receive any correction while in prison as recidivism rates remain high.
Although a small body of research investigating recidivism of juveniles who engage in non-sex offenses versus sex offenses has begun to develop, much more knowledge is needed in this area.
Second, results from several states involved in initiatives to reduce recidivism in the last decade are showing results.
3) While no magic litmus test exists, the factors outlined below may assist in assessing the risk of recidivism.
Strategies in Connecticut to reduce recidivism during the past six years included increasing the ratio of parole officers from one for every 250 ex-offenders to one for every 48, Carbone said.
Research shows that literacy reduces recidivism among prisoners.
Firstly, the fact that social and community factors are underlying both the onset of a criminal trajectory and recidivism (Arce, Seijo, Farina, & Mohamed-Mohand, 2010; Farina, Arce, & Novo, 2008; Grunwald, Lockwood, Harris, & Mennis, 2010; Hawkins et al.
Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is planning to invest in a jail programme in New York, trying to bring down recidivism and to profit from it.
Data from the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services indicated that the recidivism rate in Southern Maryland averages almost 20 percent.
State legislatures enacted SORN laws with the explicit and exclusive aim of reducing sex offender recidivism.